Slow Out Of The Box

There’s quite a few surprise teams here in the first week of the MLB season, like the Orioles and Royals, but let’s focus on the negatives here. There are four teams that are playing downright ugly baseball to start the season. It’s not hard for us A’s fans, since we’ve had the privilege of witnessing 10 errors in the team’s first 4 games. Fortunately they were able to scrape out a 2-1 victory today to pull back up to 2-4. The Giants were able to do the same by beating the Padres pretty handily, though Brian Wilson had a shaky debut. 2-4 ain’t pretty, but to me, it’s a whole lot better than 1-5, or even worse, 0-6…. No one expected the Rays to be contenders this year, but no one thought they’d be this bad. Even fewer people thought the Red Sox would be this bad. I’m loving it of course, but I’ll hold back from piling it on until the season’s over and they DIDN’T make an improbable run into the playoffs. Obviously they’re off to the most disappointing start, but which team here has the most reason to panic early on?….

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8 responses to “Slow Out Of The Box

  • toosoxy

    Don’t write us off yet! Slow start… but we’re due for an upswing… Go Sox!

  • Chris Humpherys

    Let’s just say the good folks here in the Bay Area East are a tad concerned with the state of their ballclub.

    Those that care, that is.

  • tophatal


    It’s still early in the season but were this say late May or June then I’d feel there’d be cause to worry . Teams haven’t yet found their rhythm and Spring Training I think in many ways resembles foreplay before sex ! You simply can’t beat the real thing ! Get my drift ?

    tophatal ……………

  • JW

    Nobody ever won or lost the World Series in April. The Red Sox have too much talent, The Giants have too much pitching, The A’s can go either way, and nobody really expects the Rays to be in the picture come August.

  • chappy81

    Sox have been the most disappointing, and there’s only 157 games left!

    Dude, how’d you find a picture of Pablo Sandoval’s 2010 trainer!?!

  • classic17

    Well, at least the Rays are safe. Manny just retired a few minutes ago.

  • tophatal

    Only a dickhead like Manny can come out having failed a second mandatory drug test in the off season then retire making the public statement saying that ………I’m happy with my legacy !

    Baseball is back alright and not a damn thing has changed ! Selig and his sternest drug policy but there’s no real deterrent to stop these guys from cheating if the league isn’t prepared to punish them financially as well besides their idiotic suspensions !

    tophatal ……………….

    tophatal ……………….

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