Most Villified Pervert

Brett Favre is getting sued as I’m sure you’ve heard by now. Ran across this little re-enactment from a news team in Taiwan not to be confused with China, since censorship there isn’t as high on the governments priority list. Anyways, if you haven’t seen this yet enjoy!

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5 responses to “Most Villified Pervert

  • tophatal


    Favre should consider himself lucky he doesn’t live in Indonesia or any Muslim country that enacts Sharia law. He’d have had his testes removed by now . And to think I had one moron state he’s done nothing wrong after the piece I wrote concerning Goodell fining him $50 k . I guess that a_s’ couldn’t care how this reflects upon a female who just might be a relative !

    The BCS Stands For What ……. ???

    tophatal ……………

    • chappy81

      Yikes, I didn’t know getting castrated was a legitimate punishment anywhere! I wonder how much these girls suing Favre and the Jets are going to get in a settlement?

      • tophatal


        It’s done in certain Muslim countries of that I can assure you ! Not seen it but when stationed (with the British military) in Eritrea …… apparently it happened there to a guy who’d raped several females ….. so as to befit the ‘crime’ they lobbed off “his jewels” .

        Model and Azteca tv sports reporter Ines Sainz

        The Jets intend to fight the allegations in court but I think that there’ll more likely than not be a settlement out of court without any admission of guilt on their part . After the Favre and Ines Sainz (locker room and sideline) incidents this is the last thing that the ‘front office’ needs never mind Ryan’s fetish about his wife’s feet.

        tophatal ..

  • Chris Humpherys

    Well, this video clearly explains why Brett Favre’s had such longevity in the league.

    He’s a clay-mation figure.

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