Hella Love Oakland

Doin Work reps Oakland like few other blogs when it comes to sports. We don’t often rep the Town when it comes to dancing though. Well…. we don’t rep anything when it comes to dancing. But when someone sent me this year old video, I knew it had to be posted. Just when you start to think to yourself, “alright, that was cool….”  BOOM. 2:45 mark.

Dance moves aside, there are 99 other reasons to love this video. The instrumental is tight and the video editing is on point. It starts with the shot of two young dudes standing around on 90th and MacArthur with Oakland PD pulling up. You naturally assume you’re about to witness a homicide and then it does an artistic 180 on you. The beauty of it all is it’s Oakland, so traffic continues to pass by and no one flinches. Some kids dancing on the corner is probably the 17th weirdest thing they’ll see on that given day.

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