Caption Contest Giveaway!!

What do people want most in life? FREE STUFF! We’ve brought you discounts on tickets, apparel, and golf crap, now we bring you our first ever giveaway. No, hackers didn’t jump on our account and post this, we are really giving something away for nothing more than a few words. All you have to do is think up a good caption for the picture below that we took in China of this guy passed out face first on the cement in a park. Can you believe we saw Yao there, and didn’t even  mention it!?! We have a $35 gift card that can be used for thousands of online products that you will learn about if you win. Nothing is out of bounds for the caption; race, religion, cussing, etc. I’m not sure exactly how many readers we have out there, but I’d bet that your chances are pretty good in winning if you play along.

To enter the contest, either leave a caption in the comments section below (make sure your e-mail is correct) or you can email us using the subject “caption contest” at The contest will run through the end of Labor Day weekend, so if you think of a better one than your first submission feel free to submit that one too. We will declare a winner, and notify you via e-mail with your prize. Good luck!

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