Farewell Foyle

In case you haven’t been following espn 8, the ocho, you may have missed that NBA legend Adonal Foyle has retired from the league he made his bitch for 13 years. Foyle spent the majority of his career patrolling the paint for the Golden State Warriors, before moving on to Orlando for a season plus, and then 3 minutes in Memphis – sounds like a song title right? Though he did usurp about $58 million from the Warriors over the greater part of a decade, Foyle managed to secure the top spot in Blocked Shots in his tenure as a W. The Oracle Arena staff commemerated this occasion by blasting Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best.” But Foyle surpassed such greats as Bol, Parish, and Barry Carroll. He was a man among legends. But perhaps his most crowning moment was this, a shot that “isn’t as bad as it looked.” Sorry Adonal, you may have been one of the smartest men to ever play in the NBA, but you tossed up one of the worst shots ever!

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