Al Green at Outside Lands, San Francisco

I spent Sunday afternoon in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco taking in a wide variety of music performances, mostly unfamiliar stuff. The lineup wasn’t exactly my tastes, but once I saw Al Green on the roster I was sold. After I had decided late in the game to skip out on Lionel Richie back in July, I decided I couldn’t miss this opportunity. Others performances I saw were Nas & Damian Marley, Kings of Leon, a surprisinly awesome Phoenix, Slightly Stoopid was mostly a bathroom/beer break for me, but I managed to make it back in time for a guest appearance by Bay Area native Del the Funky Homosapien. Oh, and some band called Temper Trap. Anyway, back the Reverand. I was a little worried he was gonna be old and washed up, but the man’s still got it. There were a few parts where he got a little winded, including about halfway into the song below, but he also brought his A-game, so he deserved to get tired. He ran through his entire roster of hits, laid down a nice cover of Pretty Woman, and did a tribute to legends gone like the Four Tops, Temptations, and Sam Cooke. Right about then I turned to my friend and said 20 bucks say he does Dock of the Bay next. Sure enough, he jumps into Otis Redding’s legendary song about SF. Not only that, but then he follows it up with another Redding CLASSIC, I’ve Been Loving You Too Long. Here’s a clip of Ol’ Al gettin after it with Here I Am…………..

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7 responses to “Al Green at Outside Lands, San Francisco

  • Chris Humpherys


    I saw Al Green here in Tampa a few years back. It remains one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen.

    Let’s stay together, my friend.

  • tophatal


    Green is sheer class and he never lost touch with what made him cool.


    No r&b performers around today who can match him at all ! They’re all now too one dimensional and literally without talent !

    tophatal ……………. 🙂

    • mceezy

      Boy, Al was was pretty faded on Sunday too, but just the right kind so that he put on a great show. In between every song he kept yelling, “I LOVE YOOOOUU!” to the crowd. Not only did I BELIEVE it, but I loved HIM too. The guy’s magical haha.

      • tophatal


        Grew up listening to Green and Marvin Gaye. Unfortunately Marvin was taken away from us all way too soon ! Al Green is now the one who all the young r&b singers aspire to be like . But I’ll also still have a plenty of love and a place in my heart for Marvi Gaye ! Much props to him and others like him.

        What do you think about Magic Johnson apparently now being interested in buying the Pistons ? Did a piece on that story if at all interested ? Just click on link to view .

        Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow But Sometimes It’s For The Best ……..

        tophatal …………….. 🙂

  • Chappy81

    That sounds like a sick concert! I wish I was in the area so I could’ve gone!

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