I Can’t Even Defend This One….

I’m the first guy to defend whatever ridiculous hip hop song comes out, usually on account of there being an audience for it. It’s my go to justification. Today I finally saw a video that I got nothin for. I can’t defend it in any way. The closest I came is when I thought many times I’ve wished there were more songs about feelin yourself when you’re getting ready to go to the club…. But I wouldn’t even wanna bump this! I’m real liable to Turn My Swag On, but trust it won’t be my pretty boy swag.

I’m sorry to subject you to this, but my first exposure to Justin Bieber was over on Joy Victory’s blog, and I’ll never forget her for that. So, you may hate me now, but eventually there’ll be a night when you’re wasted at the club, this song comes on, and you start goin stupid. You’ll always remember Doin Work for that one!

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4 responses to “I Can’t Even Defend This One….

  • tophatal


    Hip-hop’s answer to Ricky Martin and Clay Aiken all rolled into one . No talent and even less credibility ! Soulja Boy need one say anymore on the topic ?


  • mceezy

    Just seems like the older he gets, the younger his music gets… this one’s something else though

    • tophatal


      I love certain genres of music ……….. from clssical to hip-hop to reggae to r & b. But the crap like this needs to be placed in a garbage disposal unit !

      Now Nas I could listen to all day and I do because they allow me to do so in the office as I do my best work when I’m hyped up !


      tophatal ………… 🙂

  • chappy81

    I couldn’t even listen to the whole song…

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