The Old Lady Never Showed Her Teeth

This years British Open at St. Andrews was uneventful for the TV viewers. There was very little drama going into Sunday, and watching a two man race isn’t that much fun since it takes so long between golf shots. I was rooting for Paul Casey, but when I flipped on the TV Sunday morning it was pretty much already over. From what I understood it was pretty much over on the 8th hole today. At least with the US Open we had guys close at the top of the board, and choking was more a factor than good play, but nevertheless much more entertaining than the blowout at the old course. With most of the guys we want to see atop the leader board (Tiger, Phil, Daly) already far out of contention all we could hope for was some drama like an epic meltdown, mixed with one of the guys 7-10 strokes back playing out of their mind on Sunday, but that didn’t come close to happening. I’m happy for Louis Oosthuizen (this years champ), but it made me want to head out and enjoy the summer day instead of battling heavy eyelids. There wasn’t really anyone putting real pressure on him during the tourney after day two. I don’t want to discount what the guy did on the course, since he obviously dominated it. At the same time, I can’t help but wonder what would’ve happened if he had less favorable tee times during the first couple of days, and was stuck in the wind that eliminated a lot of the competition. He never really experienced the old lady showing her teeth as Tom Watson would say. I watched a lot on Saturday, but am glad I didn’t waste my day away on Sunday seeing who would win the battle for 2nd place. By the way congrats Lee Westwood on coming in 2nd, you are officially the best golfer to not win a major. Hopefully you don’t hang onto that title as long as Phil did. In my eyes the best part of the tourney was one shot. You’ve probably already seen on the highlights. Miguel Jimenez had an amazing double bogey save on the 17th. The hole was eating everyone alive all week long, and playing a half a stroke over par for the tourney. Although Jimenez couldn’t escape with a par, he did leave us with this creative gem. Thanks Miguel for giving me the off the weeezy shot that I will remember this years open by. Come to think of it, I’ll probably remember this shot more than the winner that everybody had a hard time pronouncing his name!

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5 responses to “The Old Lady Never Showed Her Teeth

  • tophatal


    Was there anyone under the impression that Oosterhuizen was going to lose the championship with a 7 shot led to begin with ?

    He literally lapped the field with this win !


    alan ………… πŸ™‚

    • chappy81

      Yeah, not much to watch Sunday… I was hoping for a meltdown to make it interesting, but it never happened. Good for Oosterhuizen, but bad for golf fans that wanted to be entertained!

  • Chris Humpherys

    His was a pretty impressive shot.

    But what are we going to do about Tiger. I’ll admit. I didn’t watch Sunday because he wasn’t in the running.

    I’m sure a lot of other people didn’t either.

    • chappy81

      Tiger shouldn’t be a favorite anymore. Sure he’s the number one golfer still, but he is 0 for 7 in tourney’s he’s played this year. That’s never happened to him in his career! He panicked by changing his putter after using the Scotty Cameron for nearly 20 years.

      Maybe he’s just an old balding 34 soon to be 35 year old… Golfers don’t usually win a ton after 32 years old, and maybe Tiger isn’t any different…

      I hope he comes back and makes it interesting, but at this point I don’t see anything that is convincing me that will actually happen.

  • tophatal


    I think that in some cases when you strike lightning in a bottle then everything just simply kicks into place. For Oostehuizen now it’ll be more about proving that the victory wasn’t a
    fluke . Look at Ben Crane and Shaun Micheel what have they done since their Slam victories ?


    tophatal …………. πŸ™‚

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