I Don’t Give A (Bleep)

Kobe's clearly got his mind on the Celtics

People who know me or have read my stuff, know that I am very critical of Kobe OFF the court, because you can’t be critical of what he accomplishes on the court, especially during money time.  But that arrogance he carries, that carbon-copy Michael Jordan demeanor he puts on 24/7 is all an act.  Even that new scowl thing he does, what is that supposed to be?  His new trademark?  The new tongue-wagging?  But, for all the irritating things Kobe does, he definitely won over some brownie points with me the other night, when he responded to a question a reporter asked him about where LeBron James might end up next season.  His answer went along the lines of, “I’m trying to be as polite as possible when saying this, but I don’t give a (bleep).”  Amen to that Kobe.  That alone might have changed my opinion on him.  Well that and the video Dyslecix posted where Chris Rock’s attention was denied by Kobe during a timeout.  Rejected!  But I must say, I’m a bit of a Kobe fan right now, and I’m just hoping he doesn’t do anything wrong to make me rescind that like a Kendrick Perkins T.  The man means business, and he can smell his fifth title approaching (although three were hand-delivered by Shaq).  Please don’t bother him with this nonsense about LeBron James.  I’m finally going to say this now and admit to it, but LeBron James might be the best regular season player in the league, the best stat-stuffer, the best throw-downer (yes I made this up), but he is miles away from being even close to Kobe in terms of being a winner.  Not saying LeBron can’t do it, just saying Kobe is doing it.

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