Who Had These Guys Leading the Way….

It’s always fun to watch the League Leaders in various statistical categories early on.  You have to take everything with a grain of salt, but we’re now over a quarter of the way through the season. It’s still to early to mean anything long-term, but over here at Doin Work, it’s time to play with the numbers and see where some of these under the radar guys may end up at the end of the year (but probably not). Some notable statistical leaders through 44 games….


  • ERA – 1. Doug Fister, SEA   1.96 (on pace for…. 12 Wins, 100 Ks. Not very exciting)
  • Wins – 1. David Price, TB   7-1  (on pace for 28-4 record, 184 Ks)
  • Strikeouts – 1. Jered Weaver, ANA   68 Ks  (on pace for 272. would be the highest season total since Randy Johnson’s 290 in 2004)
  • Home Runs – 1t. Jose Bautista, TOR and Paul Konerko, CHW   14  (on pace for 56 each. not very likely)
  • RBI – 1. Miguel Cabrera, DET   40  (on pace for 160. hasn’t been done since Sammy Sosa in 2001)
  • Stolen Bases – 1. Juan Pierre, CHW   18  (on pace for 72. *yawn* remember when guys would break 100?)


  • ERA – 1. Ubaldo Jimenez, COL   0.99  (on pace for definitely not that)
  • Wins – 1. Ubaldo Jimenez, COL   8-1  (on pace for an incredible 32-4. some throwback numbers)
  • Strikeouts – 1. Tim Lincecum, SF   75  (on pace for 300. would be the first to do so since 2002)
  • Home Runs – 1. Kelly Johnson, ARI and Dan Uggla, FLA   12   (on pace for 48 each. i’d love to see a couple 2Bs lead the NL in HR)
  • RBI – 1. Casey McGehee, MIL   39  (on pace for 156. just seeing someone other than Fielder or Braun leading the team would be crazy enough)
  • Stolen Bases – 1. Michael Bourn, HOU   15  (on pace for 60. Rickey Henderson stole 60 bases in his sleep in 1988)

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