Tebow Slangin Some Jerseys’ Really Grinds My Gears

Tim Tebow hasn’t taken an NFL snap, and might not this whole season. I’m sure he’ll get in on some plays though kind of like his first year at Florida. The numbers on jersey sales came in from NFL’s website for the month of April, and Tebow was on top by a wide margin. I remember back when I saw Brady Quinn’s Right Guard commercial before he took a snap in the NFL, and it made me throw up a little. Mainly because these guys are already pulling in a ton of money from their ridiculous first round contracts and bonuses, then to top it all off they get a few extra million from advertising crap. Prove something to us before you start on the marketing campaigns. One thing I can draw from the sales, is that there are either a lot of religious people out there, or everyone in the state of Colorado and Florida decided to buy his jersey the second it was available.

I’m still as skeptical as the next guy on how Tebow will play in the NFL, and I don’t think it will work. Not just because I’m a huge Raiders fan, and want project Timmay to fall flat on it’s face, but because I wouldn’t have felt comfortable with him if he was on the Raiders. That’s the main way I decide exactly how much I think a player has to succeed. Do I want him on my team? No, not really, unless Jamarcus was still our starter. It feels like he’s got just about everything going against him in the media, and the “experts” analysis, so that makes me think he will want to prove those doubters wrong. If there’s one thing I know he’s good at, that would be proving people wrong with God as his guide. There is some irony to him picking #15 as his number. You replace Brandon Marshall, a perennial headache off the field, and now have #15 representing Jesus part 2.

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