Milwaukee We Have A Big Problem!

All I can say is, this clip below is not for the faint of heart. It gave me the O face with the taste of something sour mixed in. Bogut flopping flat on his arm might give me more nightmares than this chick.This pretty much kills the Bucks chances at making any kind of impact in the playoffs. Bogut finally played like he was worthy of that #1 overall selection, and now has this devastating setback. They are now a one and done team. Salmons can only do so much…

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6 responses to “Milwaukee We Have A Big Problem!

  • tophatal


    You’re right it does pretty much kills their chances . Both he and Jennings were having career seasons. But you can never tell what can happen.

    Here was I thinking that we’d lost Parker the entire playoffs. But he says that he’ll be ready . I guess Eva has been taking care of business away from Wisteria Lane ?

    Great win over the Lakers as well today ! We’ve found our stride and hopefully we can keep it up throughout the remainder of the regular and postseason.

    You’re My Prison Bitch …

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      VERY bad timing for the Bucks… Jennings and Salmons won’t be able to carry the load without him, and I don’t see Ersan Ilyasova being able to make up for it… Congrats on your Spurs win!

  • By

    I feel for the Bucks and especially for Bogut who has finally broken out in the NBA. They were a team that were destined to do damage this post-season, but now, Atlanta should be able to sweep them if both teams were to maintain their current playoff positions.

    Dude, that chick you got in that link … scary bro.

    • tophatal


      Which chick are you talking about ?

      If you’ve recently visited the site you’ll notice that there are several heavenly pics of hot babes adorning it .

      I hope that there’s a chance that Bogut can make a speedy recovery and return for the postseason !

      Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      Yeah, I was sad to see him go down since he was a key member of my fantasy team. Thankfully he made it through most of the year healthy…

      I’m pretty sure that isn’t a chick. I think I saw a little adam’s apple 🙂

  • Anthony

    It’s amazing what a little nudge can do. I hope Stoudemire went to him and apologized.f

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