McGwire Ruins Another Sluggers Career

It was reported the Mark McGwire sold PED’s to Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols today. McGwire’s admission over the offseason was only a front, so he could openly sell them to players.

Big Mac stated, “He just had shoulder surgery, and I wanted to help him make sure he was healthy when the season started. You know just like how I used them, only to get healthy faster when I was hurt.”

Fairly shocking news since Pujols was the last hope we had of a big slugger not using steroids in the steroid era. Tony Larussa claimed he didn’t know about the alleged HGH hook up, and admitted that he already was regretting letting Mark be their hitting instructor. Larussa thought the clubhouse was clean, and that Mark would be an advocate of getting rid of steroids opposed to bringing them in.

Ok, this was a weak attempt at an April Fools joke, but we couldn’t let April fools day go by without putting something fake up. Anyways, here’s what I ran across on the other blogs for their fun filled April Fools Day.

Golden State of Mind – “Warriors Unveil Golden State D-League alternate uniforms”

We were hoping that we’d see how good Anthony Randolph and Brandon Wright are this year, instead we watched guys like Coby Karl, Deavan George, and ten other D-Leaguers play. Sure we found a couple solid guys like Reggie Williams, but I think this year has been one big April Fools joke on the Warriors, and if I had heard that Cohan put the Warriors up for sale today, I probably would’ve thought it was the cruelest joke ever.

The Bootleg – Pac-10 Expands to Pac – 16

It feels like this would be more of a take over than an expansion, as in two separate conferences are put into the more powerful one. I like it for a few reasons, one it had me going for at least the first minute, and two, there is expansion on the horizon, so it was a good angle to take on a prank post.

Mitch’s Minute – “Having sex with your mom”

I haven’t had time to add him to our links, but I love this guys writing style even if he is in a relationship with my mom.

Athletics Nation

They took the high road by not succoming to a stupid joke day. They instead focused their efforts on the upcoming season, which is what I should be doing as well!

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