Raiders Sign Another Interception Machine… It Could Be Worse Though!

JP is turning in the yellow and blue for silver and black!

JP Losman is coming fresh off leading Las Vegas Locomotives to the UFL Championship, and is destined to battle with Gradkowski for the starting job, as he signed with the Oakland Raiders! I’m not sure he’ll play this week, but with Gradkowski injured that might be why he was brought in. Watch out Denver, we have someone slightly to mildly better than Jamarcus! I don’t think Losman will do much, but this all but reaffirms that Jamarcus will be cut at the end of the year. Raider Nation has been waiting all season for Al to give up on him, and this looks like it might be the last nail in Russell’s horrendous career, if you could call it that.  The organization finally had enough of Russell last week when he came into a 10-10 tie after Gradkowski was injured. He did his best to show he learned nothing from being benched. He got sacked his usual 50% of the time, and threw passes to the other team as much as he could with no receiver in sight. I think he threw it to Zack Miller, because he’s the only one he ever threw to accurately. I was glad he at least refrained from blaming the playmakers for not catching his balls 20 feet over their heads this week, which was his excuse when Bruce came in and won for them. Hopefully this will have to be the last rant I make on Jamarcus as he goes on his farewell tour… JP’s stats aren’t exciting, but one thing does stand out, his career QB rating is 10 points higher than Russell’s! I guess we’ll see how he does, but we all know it will be better than Russell.

Who would've thought this would be the last time he'd be #1 at anything! I guess, everyone but Al...

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6 responses to “Raiders Sign Another Interception Machine… It Could Be Worse Though!

  • tophatal

    chappy 81

    Are you now trying to tell me that Al Davis and Tom Cable had nothing better to do ? I mean dear ol’ Al could be taking his Viagra . While Tom could be beating up on his wife or any other member of his coaching staff. Instead they sign a ‘stiff’ like J P Losman ?

    What they couldn’t dig up the body of some former Raider great ?

    This is the main reason why Ron Artest should be seen and not heard ! The guy is a simpleton !

    Artest offers Tiger encouragement

    CHICAGO (AP)—Lakers forward Ron Artest(notes) gave Tiger Woods his support Tuesday, explaining in a blog post that he has made similar mistakes as the superstar golfer.

    In a post Tuesday, Artest said, “I can tell you’re a standup guy” while acknowledging his own infidelities. He wrote about having a baby with another woman after having two with his girlfriend, now his wife. Artest also called Woods “the perfect role model for me and my sons for longer than anyone I have known.”

    Speaking before the Lakers’ game against the Bulls on Tuesday night, Artest said Woods was there at a time when “I wasn’t a role model for my sons.”

    Woods’ image has been in a free fall since he crashed his car into a tree Nov. 27, setting off a public airing of his infidelities and marital problems.

    Artest made headlines when he told a magazine he would get drunk during games while with Chicago and that he bought alcohol at a liquor store down the street from the United Center and slipped it into his locker.


    Alan Parkins

  • tophatal

    chappy 81

    The whole world knows that JaMarcus is now ‘a bust’ within the NFL. Both he and Ryan Leaf are the ‘poster children’ for the word ‘bust’ when it comes to the NFL.
    Albeit that the Niners’, Alex Smith is still being mentioned in the same breath with that duo.

    Alan Parkins

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