Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

MARIETTA, Ohio – Police said whoever donated a water jug to a charity in southeast Ohio probably didn’t mean to be so generous. The jug contained about $1,500 worth of marijuana. Police said workers at a local Goodwill Industries site recently found four bags of marijuana when they looked inside a water jug left outside by an anonymous donor.

They turned the two-gallon metal jug and the pound or so of marijuana over to police on Friday.

Marietta police Capt. Jeff Waite said the jug is probably an antique. He said authorities would be more than happy for the jug’s donor to come forward and claim it.

Charitable organizations are no doubt having a tough go during this current economic climate. With the holidays in full swing, many Americans simply don’t have the extra income to donate. That didn’t stop one Ohio man from spreading a little (a lot, actually) Christmas cheer. Unfortunately, this Goodwill Store took it upon themselves to turn over the donation to authorities. Who are they decide what is and what isn’t a good donation? I’m willing to bet hoards of less fortunate people would happily race down to the store to accept a little mistletoe. Really, this is no different than the homeless man who turns down free food because he’d rather have money for booze. The Goodwill store clearly only wants items they can sell in their store to make profit. These scrooges could’ve made numerous families’ Christmas, but instead, were only thinking of themselves. What’s next, turning over a cash donation to police because it, like over 90% of money in circulation, has traces of cocaine on it? Bah Humbug, Goodwill. We all know Santa Claus is a huge stoner; don’t be surprised when you find Blitzen’s bong water in your Christmas Tree stand!

This poor Ohio woman won't be roasting anything but chestnuts this Christmas

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