Rondo is Gettin Paid

Rajon Rondo CelticsRajon Rondo has agreed to an extension with the Celtics reportedly worth $55 million over 5 years. I guess I kind of forgot how players should really go about getting a contract, and he showed that sometimes they don’t cause a lot of distractions. I really couldn’t figure out why Boston wasn’t sold on him. He’s pretty much done everything possible to win a franchise over, and the fans have appreciated him, but they seemed to be fairly sluggish in doing it. I still don’t see why it took so long, and if they were going to do it why wait till the last minute. I sounded like maybe they were scared of his lack of leadership or his label as a “loner”, but he’s only 23 so that can only improve with maturity. He also came into the season bulked up and ready to go. I haven’t seen him do anything on the court NOT worthy of making him the franchise point for years to come. Nor has anyone on the team shown any problems with how he’s gone about his business. They seem to have no problem throwing money at aging starts, so it’s got to feel comforting for Boston fans that they locked up what limited young guys they do have. Now that he’s getting paid he can start picking fights with guys like CP3 without being scared of how that fine will affect his salary!

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5 responses to “Rondo is Gettin Paid

  • tophatal


    I don’t know if the figures are inflated or not . But to my mind it’s in line with what I’d have expected. So now the case in point , if Rondo is said to be worth $ 55 million . Then what’ll it take to to retain the likes of Devin Harris, Chris Paul and Deron Williams ? Each of whom are far better than Rajon Rondo !

    I guess that’s what they mean in the NBA when you have to pay premium dollar for little more than average talent at best ?

    I’d dropped this a while back .

    Nicole Austin And Her Friends Asks What Are Your Deepest Desires ……..

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      Hmmm, so you just think he’s average!?! I find that surprising, since he’s probably going to lead the league in assists regularly. He might not be as good as Devin, CP3, and Deron at scoring, but he doesn’t really need to be on a Celtics team that has plenty of options on offense. He’s great at facilitating the offense, which is what you want right!?! I’m not sure why you don’t think he’s deserving of the extension…

      Yes, I did ready your Coco post before. I’m not a huge fan of her, but I am a big fan of Ice T! Did you see their Halloween costumes?

  • tophatal


    In this day and age within the NBA it’s the commensurate package is allgedly based on productivity ? Then how’d you explain the likes of Starbury stealin’ money from the Knicks ?

    Over the last 4 years he’s been paid an accumulated $ 58 million. ‘nough said ! I didn’t say that Rondo wasn’t good. It’s merely about being prudent on how you spend the money.

    He’s by no means one the marquee players at the position in the NBA. There are probably at least half a dozen guys in the league better than him at the position. Look at this way the Orlando Magic has Jameer Nelson and he’s paid being almost the same amount as Rondo. So what’s your take on that ? Stats are essentially similar – the only difference is one has a ring and the other hasn’t.

    And oh by the way that window of opportunity for the Celtics to win another title. Well that window it slowly closing and heart of the team is an aging one. Doc Rivers’ll have to do his very level best to make sure that both Garnett and Allen don’t go down for a prolonged period of time.

    And that’s even with ‘ the best player on the planet’ being in tow- that’s allegedly Paul Pierce you know ? LOL ,LOL, LOL,LOL !!!!!

    Alan Parkins

  • tophatal

    chappy 81

    Dropped on the quite possible fomenting feud between Isiah Thomas and Magic Johnson .

    It Was The Best of Times It Was The Worst of Times The Rise And Fall of Isiah Thomas …

    Courtesy of Detroit Free Press:

    Magic, on why he talked about Isiah in book ….

    Los Angeles Lakers Hall of Famer Magic Johnson said he disclosed the demise of his relationship with Detroit Pistons great Isiah Thomas because “those things have to be revealed sometimes.”

    In the upcoming book, “When the Game Was Ours,” Johnson said his once-close relationship with Thomas soured when he learned Thomas questioned Johnson’s sexuality after Johnson was diagnosed with HIV. Thomas has denied he hinted Johnson was gay or bisexual. The falling out led, in part, to Thomas’ exclusion from the 1992 USA Olympic Dream Team.

    The two have not talked since excerpts of the book were released.

    Click on link to read news report

    It’s amazing what can happen when you’ve too many egos in one room. One feels slighted while the other wants to know what the hell is going on and who said what .

    Alan Parkins

  • tophatal


    Here’s a couple for you to take a look at .

    ’til You Do Right By Me Everything You Even Think About Gonna’ Fail

    Also check the vid in the piece as it gives you a gist as to how the sentiments of the Redskins fans are at this moment in time.

    Thanksgiving Is Just Around The Corner And What’s The NFL Going To Serve Up …. ?


    I’ll look forward to reading your comments as and when you’re ready.

    Alan Parkins

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