Iron Mike is Finally Sorry…

I don’t know why, but this recent Oprah interview with the infamous duo of Holyfield and Tyson gets me laughing for some reason. Why is this ear biting relevant in the first place? It happened a decade ago, and you figure Holyfield has fogave and forgot by now. I guess not since he was the one that called this meeting with Oprah… I doubt Tyson thinks at all, so you know this hasn’t been a burning issue on his mind, until someone else (Holyfield) brought it up. I guess Holyfield’s child support checks are adding up quickly, so he figured Mike wouldn’t mind jumping into the news a little to possibly raise a few $$! I wonder if Iron Mike even knows he looks like a five year old on camera. It was laughably similar to Jim Zorn’s apology for the Redskins offensive performance! Both were sincere, but you just can’t help but chuckle deep down. Sorry Mike, whatever momentum you gained back by being in The Hangover, you abruptly ended that for me with this interview.

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4 responses to “Iron Mike is Finally Sorry…

  • tophatal


    I hear that afterwards Evander and Mike went out for a meal ? Evander wanted to go Ducth on the meal but when he saw that Mike was going to get angry he thought better of the situation and paid for the meal himself. He just didn’t want to relive the situation where Mike bit his ear off.

    Dropped this on the Redskins.

    The President Says He Wants Healthcare Reform So What Does That Say About The Redskins ………?

    What the hell happened to the Dodgers as they got crushed 11-0 by the Phillies ?

    And my oh my , who knew that the Raiders had life in them ?

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      Nope, didn’t hear that one. I still think it’s funny this apology even happened.

      Man, tough one for the Dodgers tonight. It’ll have to be one hell of a comeback if they can do it.

      I think I’m still in shock the Raiders won! It hasn’t quite set in yet I think or I probably would’ve blogged about it…

      • tophatal


        It was all in jest but these things are meant to remind us in the first place why it was that we all liked Mike at one time or another.

        If you think that the Dodgers had a rough night then what about the Chargers. Is Turner’s goose now cooked or what ? I’d dare say that the changes that A J Smith was talking about did initially mean him wanting to fire Norv Turner ?

        And boy , was LT pi_sed or what once he was taken out of the game for good ?

        I’d dropped this piece last night as a precursor to the ALCS game while it was going on.

        Do I Hear Yankees vs …….?

        Alan Parkins

        • chappy81

          Yeah, I can’t say it hasn’t been fun to watch throughout his career. Whether it’s good or bad! I thought the Chargers should’ve fired Norv after last season, but now is as good a time as any!

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