Doin Work Thanks You!!

Everybody here at Doin Work would like to thank our readers for their time and continued effort to stop by the site. This afternoon at 4:05 Pacific time we achieved a pretty sweet milestone of 10,000 views, which in the greater scheme of things is small potatoes to some, but massive to others in the blogosphere. Either way were stoked!

Future improvements to the site will include exapansionof more indepth discussion on sports (I’ll be picking up some steam with the NBA), breaking news stories about AAA Rivercat baseball players, the inside scoop on USF Dons Men’s basketball, scandals at Bank of America, and whatever Chappy drums up with the assistance of our favorite and most loyal reader Alan Parkins, who “drops” by regularly. Thanks again and see you at 20,000 views soon!

The Doin Work Crew –

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