Why Our Doin Work Blog Is Better Than Yours

Okay okay, so it was apparently a joke, but this clown put up a post with a link to our site simply tagged “shitty website.”  I just wanted to take a second to clear the air.  First off, we did our due dilligence when deciding on a name for the blog.  Yes, we found this dude’s blog, but it looked completely worthless and irrelevant.  I mean, he posts pictures of pancakes and what not.  Moreover, I can understand if sports isn’t your thing and you’re more into breakfast quick breads, but since our name was derived from the critically acclaimed Spike Lee joint, Kobe Doin Work, I think we’re in the clear.   Now, it’s not really our style to call out another blog that has nothing to do with ours, other than we coincidentally chose two of the same words from the English dictionary, but a couple people clicked over to our site from his, so we just wanted to return the favor.

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