Another Doin Work Knock Out

What the hell is it with boxers and the pre fight stare down, followed one of them going in for the kiss? Holy crap, if I got into a stare down with a dude in a pickup basketball game the last thing on my mind would be trying to kissing the guy! By the way, can we even say the dude threw a punch here? I’m going to call this a savage girly slap. Which might I add, if you can’t take, maybe you should be in a different line of work, you obviously weren’t ready to do real battle.

2 responses to “Another Doin Work Knock Out

  • Alan Parkins

    These sort of things tend to happen. Especially when they’ve allegedly shared that odious Brokeback Mountain moment once before.

    It’s yet to happen within the UFC but in time it’ll happen. Cause Dana White wants the publicity that it’ll afford the sport. And as they say any publicity , good , bad or indifferent is always welcomed. It’s just gonna get your more notoriety and pub’ that’s all.

    Alan Parkins

  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

    I think any publicity is good unless it’s publicity that overhypes something to the point where when it’s totally exposed it embarasses us.


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