Lescott on the Move? We’ve got the Fee!

     $15 Million? $18 Million? Neither was enough to make Everton blink. So what figure DOES makes Moyes and company cave in and sell Joleon Lescott to Manchester City in the coming week? Honestly I think the amount is pretty simple, $25 Million pounds. Throw that hugo mass of money at Everton and be done with the entire saga in a matter of hours. Think about it, at this point money isn’t an issue of any kind for City, Lescott himself has been totally unsettled with the thought of his wages being doubled over night, and David Moyes would have enormous freedom for future transfers for several years. At $25 Million both sides get what they want, Joleon becomes more like “Jorich” and we can all move on, and ready ourselves for the kick off to the new season Saturday. Anybody taking bets on what the transfer fee ends up being?

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