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Chris Henry’s 911 Tapes

I can’t say I know a lot about the guy, except he was suspended numerous times by the NFL for his off field conduct. It’s sad that Chris Henry didn’t make it through the pick up truck accident. I guess I’m curious what led to him being shirtless and banging on the back of the Ford F150’s windows. Here are the 911 calls on Henry last moments before and after the accident. It sounds like there’s a lot more to this story that hasn’t come out, so we’ll see how it develops. Doin Work wishes the best for your family and friends Chris!

The Tiger Saga…

Well, it’s impossible to miss the news that Tiger crashed his car in a distraught state, and it’s been widely debated on what the dispute was over. There’s about a 99% chance it was a argument with wifey Elin that prompted Woods to speed off into a tree. Either way it’s been on every media outlet from CNN to TMZ, so we know the story! I guess I don’t care THAT much what happened or happens, but along with everyone else just mildly curios from a distance. It’s always exciting to see something great come crashing down, maybe it’s just the American way. We like to destroy things that were or are the best. Showing the public any type of mortality just gives us more of a reason to pick on him. Anyways, I wouldn’t have written about him, unless dyslexic e-mailed this picture over that reminded me, even Tiger gets OWNED every now and then!