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Doin Work’s 1,000th Post!

We’re coming up on our 30 month anniversary in a few weeks. Next Spring, it’ll be three full years of Doin Work. Blogs weren’t invented yet when I was in Business School, but I imagine there would have been some statistic like, 90% of blogs fail after the first post. I’d be willing to bet that the average lifespan of a blog is comparable to that of a housefly. I’ve known dozens of people who started blogs that were done after 1-3 posts. To think that a few workaholics from California could sustain it for this long is, I wouldn’t say an achievement, but for us it is. We’ve persevered through personal stuff like changing jobs, losing jobs, and starting new jobs, to some pretty tough circumstances in the world of sports. Seriously, two lockouts this summer, and we’ve still found some stuff to babble about! It’s amazing how much the absence of the LA Lakers has lowered the volatility of our e-mail threads. Though you don’t see much from Dyslecix and Cali4Dre, they’re still there behind the scenes. In fact, we all agreed today to liveblog the Mayweather-Pacquaio fight when if that happens. No matter who’s doing the posting, it’s crazy to look back at the wide, wide variety of things we’ve featured. Here are some of the highlights….

Lakers vs. Clippers Live Blog – Seriously? We did this? It was an October game at that. Is that a preseason game?

The Best E-Mail Chain of all-time. I hope David Thorne has taught us all a lesson to not let the establishment own us.

Ghost Ride the Whip – Seriously, what’s not to like about two white A’s fans ghost riding a whip!

Funny Signs from China – Chappy and MCeezy’s trip to China was successful on the blogging front as we found a wide range of broken engrish signs. Oh, and for some reason this picture we photo-shopped for our caption contest ended up on Bleacher Report as a real photo of Yao.

The Entire Random Forgotten Player Series – I was only following in the footsteps of a blog that may have played a part in inspiring the birth of Doin Work. I was checking the old RFP of the Day blog daily for a while, until for some reason, they retired after featuring Danny Tartabull in 2008. Without any new RFPs, I figured it was time for Doin Work to carry the torch. Afraid to be copying someone else’s idea, I was thrilled to ultimately get the blessing of the originators of RFP of the Day.

We’ve Reveiwed our predictions to see how foolish or awesome our picks were. Speaking of tragedies, never forget Sonicgate, for some reason I have Memento playing in my head when I wrote that.

Doin Reviews on Documentaries – If we can’t promote a good friends great documentary what’s the point of all this!

Pebble Beach Stories – Chappy reminisces about his days working at Pebble Beach back in the good ol college days…

Introducing Doin Works Newest Writer

After intense negotiations the Doin Work team was lucky enough to land the highly sought after free agent writer know around the blogging community as, Sports Guy By! Fortunately for us, he’s heavily into the Bay Area sports world as much as we are. He’s also a contributor for the fantasy website www.hotboxsports.com, so if you happen to read any previews for the Suns, Lakers, or Warriors, he most likely wrote it!

He offers up a slightly different sense of humor and opinion than the rest of us, but that is far from a bad thing! Hell, he might even be the alpha dog of the site before it’s all said and done. There is no doubt in the management’s mind that he will blend in seamlessly with the crew already assembled.

Immediate fan reactions were positive, since most had no idea they could lock up such a quality writer with their obviously very low to non-existent payroll according to Forbes. The growing feeling is that he could single handedly bring Doin Work to the next level! For those that are unfamiliar with his work just check out his blog.