Daily Archives: December 5, 2011

Still Getting Wronger

Tebow and the Broncos are STILL winning…

I’ve said it before, but with each win the Broncos rack up, the more wrong I feel. I was never a Tebow hater. I didn’t think he sucked as much as most analysts did, but I thought Denver fans were foolish for thinking he would have a drastic effect of them. Well, we all know the story. With Tebow at the helm, the Broncos have gone 5-1 and are now tied with the Raiders atop the AFC West at 7-5. Before Denver made the QB change, they weren’t even in the conversation. Even though they didn’t show it yesterday, their defense is nasty. Von Miller is a beast, and he didn’t play yesterday. Come playoff time, I’d be afraid of any team that has Brian Dawkins and Champ Bailey in their locker room. I realized today that I am officially scared of the Broncos now.

I did come across THIS stroke of genius from before the season started though…..

Bengals (5.5 wins)

Dre – Under.  This could be a sad year in Cincy.  I’m not sure what Carson Palmer is thinking.  Guess he’s just a quitter.  They are in a tough division and their schedule isn’t that bad, but they seriously downgraded at QB and their stud rookie WR AJ Green will go mostly unused.

Chappy – Under, this feels like a lock, although getting Ochocinco’s side show away from the team might help. The fact remains they are a team stuck in reverse.

MCeezy – Over. I don’t know what to make of this team, but just for the sake of argument, I’ll say they reach 6-8 wins. Most people see the loss of Ochocinco, and a huge dark cloud of uncertainty around Carson Palmer. On the flipside, they’ve also had an aggressive offseason, adding guys like Nate Clements, Bo Scaife, Thomas Howard, and Manny Lawson.

By – Under.  It seems impossible for a team to succeed when the players act like they don’t want to be there.  Well in the case of Carson Palmer, there is no acting involved!  A dysfunctional situation in a black and blue division leads me to believe the Bengals will have very few dubs this season.