Hoops are back on!

The only thing I saw in the CBA deal details that I actually cared about was the amnesty clause, which gives teams the right to waive one contract on thier roster without a penalty. Goodbye Andris Biendris, and finally back to the on-court basketball talk! The lockout isn’t completely over, but it sounds like both sides are ready to approve the most recent deal. Throughout the lockout, I’ve been keeping tabs on some of the W’s players and what they’ve been up to. One of our draft picks, Jeremy Tyler, got me pretty excited when he made the video above showing that he’s staying in shape and ready to try and make the W’s roster. He looks like a 6-11″ 286 pound beast in the making. Oh yeah, and the best part about this guy is we bought his draft rights for a cool $2M off of the hard-line penny pinching Jordan in the draft last year. I hope this is another one of those Jordan blunders he seems to be getting more and more famous for as an executive!

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