The Greatest Video Ever Just Got Greater

You can thank me later. I was this close to being lazy and simply posting the greatest video ever. I figured it’s Saturday, and a holiday weekend on top of that. No one is inside on their computer… are they? Last night, during a brief bout with insomnia, I caught a couple episodes of Big Cat Diary on Animal Planet. It featured some pretty cool footage of lions, cheetahs, and leopards in the wild. What didn’t feature some cool footage was the show, Wild Russia, that put me to sleep shortly thereafter. But the feline footage made me want to revisit the greatest video ever, the Battle at Kruger. You know what happens. Lions capture a baby wildebeest, a crocodile tries to steal it, and then the wildebeests form a giant army and drive away the lions one by one, miraculously getting their young calf back. Anyway, like I said, I almost got lazy and just reposted this, BUT THEN… I went the extra mile and found THIS. You know we love our video clips with Asians in em! In this one, a whole bunch of Japanese people got together in a small TV stadium and watched it together. I only wish they could have captured a bit more of the audience reaction. They were into it!…..

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