Elephants and Seals

This is our second installment of Elephants and Seals. And just like last time Chappy will be covering the A’s, and By will be covering the Giants.

San Francisco Giants (13-15) Oakland Athletics (15-14)

Three Up

Oakland A’s – They lost two of three in LA, but came on strong over the weekend to take 3 of 4 from Texas to bring themselves over .500.  Their bats seemed to wake up against what we all kinda knew was some weak starting pitching out in Texas. Kurt Suzuki hit two bombs after having his newly born daughter. Willingham hit a game tying homer, and Matsui hit a walkoff in yesterdays series winning game, so there’s some reason for optimism for the offense. Andrew Bailey is throwing again, and should be back sooner than later as he’s set to face some live hitting this week. That is a big relief because Fuentes is about as scary a ninth inning as you’ll get. He doesn’t throw hard, and puts guys on base giving A’s fans a heart attack every time he’s on the mound. Bailey we need you back! Coco Crisp’s bat is as lively as his hair these days, and when he’s on, he scores lots of runs. Oakland pitchers still lead the league in ERA at 2.76. They are did pretty good in April for their standards, because April is a month they almost always have a losing record in. You don’t win a division in April, but you can be far enough behind to lose it if you aren’t careful. I mean, we could be the Twins with only 9 wins.

San Francisco Giants – 1.  We won the 2010 World Series.  I know that was last season, and that historic event is a thing of the past, but when your beloved team plays as inconsistent as they have been, despite the talent and experience they possess, well then you got to hang your hat on something.  We’re only about 7% into the season, and if they don’t clean up their act by the 20% mark, I’ll throw this trump card away.  Which brings me to my next ”up” ~

2.  We’re only 7% into the season!  It’s still very early and the Giants are much below .500 ball thanks to  taking two out of three in five of the past seven series’.  They’ve been in a lot worse situations, and for them to be even despite not finding themselves is a good sign.

3.  Aaron Rowand is hitting .300 (o.k. .296) and Pablo Sandoval is hitting .313 with five dingers.  These are two players who contributed very little last season.  Aaron Rowand was considered a free agent bust, and Panda was looked at as a fluke.  The Giants are currently 11th in hitting in the N.L. but it’s neither of these two’s fault.  If they keep playing this well offensively, it will almost be like we picked up two solid free agents this year.

Three Down

Oakland A’s – Kevin Kouzmanoff is supposedly on the team more for his defense prowess, yet he’s already made 6 errors on the season. If his bat actually worked, I wouldn’t mind the errors as much, but this is getting ridiculous, and these errors are leading to runs almost every time he kicks an easy grounder. The team as a whole hasn’t been good defensively, but I doubt they will be tied for the lead the league in errors. The offense as a whole is offensive as they’re ranked 27th in the league in runs scored, don’t have a hitter over .300 in the lineup, and swing at way too many pitches early in the count. Pitchers that give up a few runs to us still are in the game in the 7th. Aside from Barton, I’m not sure anyone in the lineup knows how to work a count, unfortunately his working the count has resulted in a high amount of strikeouts. Pitchers are throwing 70 pitch complete games against us. Ok, not really, but you get the point. We have renamed the Oakland Coliseum to the Overstock.com Coliseum or O.co Coliseum. This is in the three down section, because it sounds lame.

1.  We won the 2010 World Series.  I know you’re asking, how can this be an ”up” and a ”down”?  It’s an ”up” from a fans’ perspective, especially someone like me who is grateful he witnessed a World Series championship during his lifetime.  It’s been a ”down” for the actual team.  I tried not to think it, but it’s becoming more and more apparent, the Giants have a World Series hangover.  They’re too busy making music videos with Keenan Cahill that they forgot there’s a season to play.  But then again, this is the reason why we fell in love with these guys, they’re a bunch of goofy clowns and miSFits.

2.  Missing Andres Torres has been a huge downer for the Giants.  He’s a great lead off man, and plays a fantastic center field.  The one thing that’s underrated about Torres is his defense.  Our outfield has been our week spot early on, especially when we threw Pat Burrell and Aubrey Huff out there (wtf!) but with Ross back, and Torres on his way, I’ll stop holding my breath on every fly ball.

3.  Pitching and hitting.  If it’s not one, it’s the other.  This is reminiscent of years past with these Giants team.  They’re winning or losing games, 1-0 or 9-8.  Neither side can get it together consistently and act as a cohesive unit.  Like I mentioned earlier, we’re 11th in the N.L. in hitting.  I’m not concerned about average starts from Timmy, Jonathan Sanchez and Matty Cain, but Madison ”Mad Bum” Bumgarner has struggled big time.  Last season he was brilliant in the post season, we’ve only seen one glimpse of that pitcher since.  Could I actually be asking this, but are we missing Barry Zito?  If it’s come to this, then that’s a huge downer.

Next Up

Oakland A’s – Taking on the best team in baseball, Cleveland Indians at home. They found a little groove offensively against Texas, so hopefully that keeps up. I can’t wait for the day when I’m not shocked when they put up 4 runs in a game.

San Francisco Giants got to start doing their best Charlie Sheen impression, winning.  We got the Mets and Rockies next, very winnable series’.

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16 responses to “Elephants and Seals

  • tophatal


    Speaking of elephants and seals I see the Maloofs for all of their bs will keep the Kings in Sacramento one more year while they continue to screw over the residents and the fans then ?

    The Dodgers get the hammer dropped on them with a 7-0 …… shellacking ? Does that mean that McCourt will also be blamed for that ?

    As I’ve said to you in an earlier piece I do believe that the A’s can win the AL West because I do believe that the Angels will slip up and I can’t see the Rangers improving on last year !

    Will Trump be taking credit also for the death of Bin Laden ? Inquiring minds need to know . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    tophatal ……………..

    • chappy81

      Yeah, it’s good the Kings are going to be there for atleast one season longer. I hope they figure out a place to put a stadium there. That would be huge for the longterm, but for now at least there’s hope again.

      I can’t wait to hear McCourt do some live radio with fans calling in today. Should be fun to hear what he has to say, and if fans can actually come up with good questions.

      I believe in the A’s still, but it’s going to be a grind it out year. I wish they could win some more games 9-2 instead of a bunch of 2-1 games, but they could do what the Padres and Giants did last year, win with pitching!

      • tophatal


        It’s good but the decision only is putting off the inevitable . The Maloofs have said it’s only for a year but I haven’t heard anything from Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson on the matter. Though through various media outlets they’ve a commitment of $9 million from various local businesses within the community . $ 9 million isn’t going to stretch that far what have they got within the city a bunch of friggin’ morons dressed up in clown outfits making people laugh ?

        McCourt in a weekend interview with ESPN’s Kelly Naqi said that the league hierarchy went outside of its legal parameters in taking over the Dodgers and at the same time he didn’t like the fact that he was being defamed and being vilified in public by those who simply don’t what’s going on within the Dodgers’ organization. Hey Frank get a clue ……….. tell the fu_king truth rather than lying about the team’s inherent and underlying problems .

        For the A’s that why the teams play 162 games as it separates the men from the boys and pretenders from the contenders .


        tophatal ……………

  • Chris Humpherys

    How ’bout them Lightning!

  • JW

    After the incident in Washington where it seems Aubrey Huff got into it with some fans at a Washington Capitals game Sunday night, I made the observation that perhaps Huff could hit a ball like he hits drunken puckheads. Well, that homer last night against the Mets would certainly fill the bill…

  • tophatal


    Is Rashard Mendenhall that much of a dick ? Have you heard his latest diatribe ? He’s miffed (on his twitter account) because of everyone is lauding the death of Bin Laden ………. verbatim from him ” how can anyone be happy about someone dying under such circumstances ” ? Is he fuc_ing serious ? What about the 3,000 plus innocent lives lost at the Twin Towers and those aboard the Flight 93 over Shanksville , Pa ? Someone ought to sit Mendenhall’s ass down and explain to him what took place on 9/11 and who was responsible ………… friggin’ creep that he is !

    The Determining Factor ……………..

    tophatal ……….

    • chappy81

      Dude is seriously mentally ill. I can’t figure out why he would tweet something like that. I mean it’s like saying he hates America! Maybe he should’ve stayed at Illinois for the last two years so he could get properly educated…

    • classic17

      As bad as Mendenhall’s comments were, go read Jacob Pullen’s. They’re even more dumb.

      • tophatal

        classic 17

        And that’s why more often than not athletes like politicians should be seen and not heard ! Their brains are too full of much and fecal excrement !

        tophatal ……….

  • classic17

    The second piece of the “Returning the Royals to respect” is happening now that they’ve called up Eric Hosmer. He’ll get his first crack against Gio and the A’s tomorrow. I mentioned a while back that they’ve got a farm system that compares to the mid-late 90s Braves. The first one to come up was Mizzou boy Aaron Crow who hasn’t given up a run this year and now Hosmer who was hitting .439 in the PCL. It may not happen this year, but the Royals are coming….

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