Monday Dribblers…

Even Al is cracking a smile!

Oakland Going Streaking!

Yes, the Oakland Raiders finally can say they’ve won two in a row. It predates Doin Work’s existence, and is the first time that it’s happened since 2008 when Jamarcus made us think he was improving. This time it’s much different though as we are actually in the divisional race. We’ve looked good on both sides of the ball, and I think the guys are finally starting to believe they can win. McFadden finally has decided to be one of those elite backs we were all hoping he would be. Yesterday was the first time we’ve put up 500 yards of offense since 2002 when we had Gannon. It’s also the first time we’ve had fantasy relevant players! Heyward-Bey finally got over the century mark in receiving yards for a game, and scored his second career TD. Our defense has been sacking QB’s at an amazing rate, and already have 24 on the season witch is good enough to tie the Giants for third in the league. They are ranked 9th in defense overall, and getting pressure on the QB has helped the not as good corner opposite Nnamdi look a little better. The offense hasn’t been explosive per say, but just efficient enough, and chewing up enough clock to keep our defense from being tired like they were at the end of every game last year. That has been the biggest difference this year by a long shot. It feels foreign to me to see them actually improving from week to week instead of improving then regressing. I’m happy to say that my prediction for them making the AFC Championship game is still alive 8 weeks in. This weekend we have a huge divisional match up for what could be a factor in deciding the division as they take on the first place Chiefs. Thankfully this match up is at home and is supposedly sold out, so it should be on TV for once! Another thing I’m starting to love about these wins is it’s pissing off Patriots fans because they see their possibilities of having a top ten pick next year dwindle by the week!

Watching lots of NBA action, and I forgot about a team in the West…

Since we are all blessed with the NBA League pass for the first week of the season for free, I ended up seeing quite a few teams that I normally don’t get to see much since they aren’t contenders or in a big market. A few teams impressed me like Indiana, Portland, New Orleans, and Sacramento, but one team made more of an impression on me for some reason was the Memphis Grizzlies. Are they actually a good team? Memphis was nearly .500 last year, but I wasn’t really sure if they were a “good” close to .500 team or a “lucky” close to .500 team, since I didn’t get to see them play much. I watched good portions of them beating Dallas and Minnesota over the weekend, and have to say that this team actually has some solid potential. They got 22 steals against Minnesota, and pretty much dominated them. Dallas they snuck away with a victory, but got the W nonetheless. This team is very young, but they have all their starting spots filled with quality guys that are just entering their 2nd or 3rd seasons. Even though I don’t see any of them being superstars, much like OKC they have a solid core of young talent that likes playing with eachother. Everyone knocks Rudy Gay, but the guy was clutch against Dallas, and if they have a closer, they already have more than some teams. OJ Mayo is a great scorer. He’s not as exciting as I originally thought he’d be coming out of college, but he can fill up the cup. Marc Gasol is improving about as fast as his older brother did. Mike Conley is shockingly better than I thought he’d be when he was playing at Ohio State. Darell Arthur seems to be a great glue guy who you don’t have to run plays for but still finds a way to chip in 15 on any given night, and is filling in admirably for Zach Randolph nursing his tailbone. Their bench isn’t all that exciting, and may hold this team back, but just based off the starting five, they are pretty solid.

World Series Ratings

Yes, we get it, the World Series ratings are extremely low. So what if it means more people would rather watch a regular season matchup of either MIN/NYJ or PIT/NO. Does that influence me to watch those games over the WS? Not really, I still took in the fall classic, because I’m intrigued by the teams and storylines. I think this once again proves that the Eastcoast media bias has too strong of a hold on what were supposed to care about. Just because it’s non-Eastcoast teams we are lead to believe that we aren’t supposed to care about it. If you like baseball, why wouldn’t you be into the WS? I for one find the most important games of a sport that I watched for 7 months more intriguing than football games midway through the regular season… I think the problem with the ratings is more that far more people like football, its just a fact. If baseball had half of the football audience, and everyone didn’t hate listening to Joe Buck,  I’m sure they’d have higher ratings. If Lincecum vs. Lee doesn’t get you excited, then you probably aren’t a baseball fan.

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18 responses to “Monday Dribblers…

  • tophatal


    What Cable has the Raiders now doing has got to be a major surprise to a number of fans . They’ve seen this team so close so often and now it appears things are finally starting to pay off. Now comes the hard part who’s his starter at the qb position ? Gradkowski or Campbell ?


    tophatal ………… 🙂

    • chappy81

      Man, I don’t think it matters the way our defense has been shutting opponents down. I’d still like Gradkowski in there personally. He seems to fire everyone up on the offense, but after these last two weeks it’s debatable who fires them up more!

      This weekend’s game is going to be huge against KC!

  • tophatal


    Is Shanahan mentally challlenged ? Do you understand what he was alluding to concerning McNabb ? Cardio vascular challenged and not understanding the ‘two minute drill offense for the ‘skins ? Isn’t that like saying is good Sanjay Gupta (neuro surgeon) enough to become a medical practitioner n ? The skins’ offense being ran by McNabb is way better than it being ran by Kyle “Friggin’ ” Orton that’s for sure ! Coaches in the NFL are getting dumber by the second !

    Brad Childress he’s treating Moss no different than he’d treat Brett Favre ? Yeah I can see that as his lips are firmly lodged on the guy’s anus more often than not when he’s not actually sucking his d_ck ! The whole situation there in Minnesota is like a circus about the only thing funnier is what’s happening in Dallas with the Cowboys . Jerry Jones apologizes to the fans and they end up puking on themselves as a joke .

    tophatal 🙂

    • chappy81

      Man, Shanny is making McDaniels look good out in Denver! I can’t believe he benched McNabb for Rex. There has to be more to the story as he keeps changing his story!

      I bet if Moss had 15 catches for 300 yards and four or five TD’s in those four games it would be a completely different story. They cut him because he was a distraction and not productive. Your Pats made out great with that 3rd round pick…

  • By

    You know if the Giants can win the World Series, the Raiders can win the Super Bowl. Like you said, if that defense maintains its focus, look out. Darren McFadden is the most exciting back to watch right now!

    • tophatal


      If no one take Moss off waivers I could envisage him returning to New England . It appears that the reason for the Vikes releasing Moss was his behavior at a meet and greet with one of the team’s corporate sponsors and the fact that the entity in question being a restauranteur wasn’t at all pleased with the Moss’ behavior and the statements allegedly made by him. If that’s the case why not simply fine him and force him to make a public apology to the individual in question .

      Coaches in the NFL are either that dumb or they’re simply wanting to rein in the power of the players. Me personally, I believe that it’s the former rather than the latter !

      tophatal 🙂

    • tophatal


      “If ” being the operative word here concerning the Raiders . For the first time in two years they’ve actually won back to back games within the NFL . You’ve got to be able to walk before you can and that’s now the case with the Raiders and in particular Cable and his coaching staff .

      tophatal 🙂

  • tophatal


    For seven figures I’ll play the position and even have sex with Dan Snyder’s wife if she’s doesn’t feel that he’s doing the job right !

    🙂 * 😦

    tophatal 🙂

  • tophatal


    The way that the Raiders are playing at present their defense would wreak havoc on any team within the league.

    Nepotism Can Be A Double Edged Sword ….. That Bitch Can Cut Both Ways And It Hurts !

    tophatal … 🙂

  • Chris Humpherys

    If I were to ever tell you that Donovan McNabb was in danger of losing his job to either Rex Grossman or JaMarcus Russell, wouldn’t you think I was a total loon?

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