Introducing George Wang

George Wang, in the clip above is a friend of mine, and I recently found out that some of his stuff was on youtube. Instantly I felt the need to get the word out on him through our blog. He’s got tons of funny Asian parent’s stories, so if you ever have the chance to catch him at a live show, you should hit it up! Here’s another good one if you’re interested.

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15 responses to “Introducing George Wang

  • tophatal

    Nice piece ! Thanks for the intro’ !

    tophatal ………….

  • tophatal


    NBA and NFL players will soon be partyin’ in da clubs given that their respective ….. cba’s will expire as of tonight (NFL) and at the end of the 2012 season (NBA).

    If these morons can’t come to their senses then to hell with ’em !


  • tophatal


    Which is allegedly more egregious as a college athlete being busted for academic fraud or being busted for premarital sex with a consenting adult ? Now we know things at BYU ain’t so grand ? Player there was thrown off the team for having premarital sex with a consenting adult . Now what ?

    Poor ol’ Brandon Davies can’t catch a break either way ! He simply had sex that’s all ! I know BYU is a parochial college but what the hell !

    BYU basketball player kicked off team for premarital sex

    Click on link to read in its entirety .

    tophatal …………..

    tophatal …………………..

    • classic17

      He knew what he was getting into when he signed the scholarship papers.

      • tophatal

        classic 17

        He was having consensual sex with his girlfriend ……… what the hell ! I don’t care if he knew the rules these are consenting adults . I’m sure that there’ve been far more seedier things going on , on that campus than two students having consensual sex !

        Do you remember Dave Bliss the former men’s basketball coach at < Baylor and the Carlton Dotson incident ? Come off your high horse and back down to earth ! Because what Bliss did there was far more egregious !

        You’ve got the likes of Bruce Pearl , Jim Calhoun at Tennessee and U Conn lying to administrators , and the NCAA with regard to recruitment violations and getting players to lie on their behalf but something like this everyone is up in arms at ? How fu_ked up is collegiate athletics at present with the NCAA in part being the prime instigator !

        tophatal ………..

        • classic17

          One sentence and I’m on a high horse? Awesome, new record.

          Yes, I remember Baylor’s scandal. Dave Bliss resigned and hasn’t coached since, Carlton Dotson is in prison and Patrick Dennehy is dead. Clearly that is far worse than Brandon Davies’ issue. Also, that’s in no way relative to the situation at hand. We’re talking about a school instituted Honor Code, not a federal offense.

          Same goes for Pearl, Calhoun and any other NCAA violations that are going on. He broke a school rule and the school punished him as they saw fit whether you or I or anyone else agrees with their decision. School rules and NCAA rules are different.

          If I invite you over for dinner and tell you that you cannot wear a baseball hat at the table, you’re either going to take your hat off or not come to dinner. You know the rule going in, you decide whether or not you want to follow it. If you decide before dessert that you you want to put your hat back on, then I’ll kick you out. It’s a silly analogy, but you get the idea (I hope). You could have chosen to wear your baseball hat at 98% of the houses in my city, but not mine. My rule.

    • chappy81

      That’s one reason why I’d never live in Utah, I don’t think I could live up to those ideals.

  • tophatal

    classic 17

    Honor code ? Try telling that to the idiots out there casting defamatory words against fallen soldiers and then hiding behind the crap about freedom of speech. Here it’s about two consenting adults behind closed doors . Be it on campus or not there’s a right to an expectation of privacy there as well . Probably the person who caught them may well have wanted in on a piece of the action hence the reason behind Davies’ present situation.

    And that’s even with it being a parochial establishment . I’d dare say were that a situation wherein it were a faculty member that crap would’ve been hushed up. Look at the former Bears qb Jim McMahon coming out and saying that he’d done far worse while attending <a href=";. BYU ? This is sheer hypocrisy by the school !

    • classic17

      So you’re saying that because BYU has an honor code that they follow in Utah…then the Westboro Baptist Church shouldn’t be allowed to protest in kansas? I agree, they’re dicks, but that has little to do with the BYU and Brandon Davies.

      Also, Davies turned himself in. Evidently Jim McMahon did not.

      • tophatal

        classic 17

        Even if he did turn himself albeit that he broke the so called sacred honor code what’s the best ,b> he’ll be back on that team after the faculty there feel it’s deemed appropriate ? The whole collegiate landscape is a joke to begin with and this shows that even in the light of this action BYU won’t be any different than any other college program across the landscape !

        Winning in any language all comes down to money and it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s at the collegiate level or professional level !

        tophatal ……………..

        • classic17

          Your theory would hold some water if there was a chance that he could come back this year. BYU will go back to being a marginal team without Jimmer, just like Davidson after Steph Curry and St. Joe’s after Jameer Nelson. So yes, if they were all about winning as you say, they would’ve put all their chips in now and hope for the best.

  • jr

    Even my fifth graders know: There are consequences for your actions. When you break a rule, those consequences are negative. They also know proper grammar.

  • tophatal

    classic 17

    I don’t care how pure a program or school tries to be ………. at the end of the day money trumps everything ! And that’ll be the case here if they choose to reinstate Davies . On the other hand the kid knows he could bolt elsewhere sit out a year and be in demand at any school seeking his services .

    I’m looking forward to the NCAA Tourney but as of now the conference championships are looking . It’ll be interesting to see who gets an invite to the ‘ Big Dance’ and who’s left on the outside looking in !

    tophatal ……………

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