NFL Weekend Wrapup

Seattle Stuns New Orleans – Not a lot of people saw this coming, but the popular argument was that it was unfair that the Seahawks got home field advantage. Then the other three home teams proceeded to blow that ‘advantage.’ The highlight of the game for most will no doubt be the return of Beast Mode. For me it will be Bones Roadhouse in Gualala, CA. I decided to take a drive up the coast to Mendocino County to catch the game and wound up enjoying quite possibly the best brisket I’ve ever had, but at least top five. Throw in a couple of the finest offerings from the region’s best breweries (Hop Stoopid Ale by Lagunitas and Scrimshaw by North Coast) and this was a pretty solid game!

Folk You, Vinatieri – Peyton did it again, then Adam Vinatieri did it again. After what seemed like yet another game-winner for the future Hall of Fame kicker, as Al Michaels pointed out, Mark Sanchez and the Jets drove down the field for the improbable upset in Indianapolis. I feel like the Colts would’ve have a better chance against the Patriots. Sure the Jets were one of the two teams to beat New England, but we all saw what happened in Foxboro on Monday Night, when it mattered. This one matters even more, and Tom Brady will surely be out to prove to Rex Ryan that he’s a better quarterback than Peyton Manning.

Ravens Chop Down the Chiefs – The lone blowout of the Wild Card weekend, this one started promising for the Chiefs, especially when Jamaal Charles put them ahead 7-3 with a 41 yard TD run. It was all Ravens from there though. I kept saying last weekend that the Raiders were absolutely shutting the Chiefs down – how in the world were they supposed to move the ball against Baltimore? Well ultimately they didn’t, and Cassel threw three more interceptions and the Ravens earned themselves a showdown with the Steelers next weekend.

Eagles Pack It In Early – Michael Vick and company simply didn’t show up today. The Packers didn’t particularly dazzle on offense, but their defense kept the Eagles pretty well bottled up for the majority of the game. Watching Vick survey closely-covered receivers and dance around the pocket all day, I couldn’t help but think of Tyrod Taylor hopelessly trying to keep his Virginia Tech team in the game against an overpowering Stanford. The only difference is Taylor was making things happen.

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8 responses to “NFL Weekend Wrapup

  • tophatal


    Saints , Chiefs , Eagles and Colts were wrapped up like pigs in a blanket and the summarily devoured by the respective teams that they faced this past weekend .. ‘nough said !

    I hope you enjoyed the beverages available on your weekend sojourn ?

    tophatal ……………….

    • mceezy

      They tasted twice as good with the Pacific Ocean watching over my right shoulder!

      • tophatal


        That’s the perfect setting !

        What are your thoughts on the Raiders deciding to let Asomugha go ? Sound judgment on their part or a big mistake ?


        • mceezy

          Big mistake, but it frees up a lot of money. Definitely unorthodox as well, but I’m holding out a little bit of hope that they’ll work out a new deal and keep him around. We’ll see what happens, but if he ends up someplace else, they’d better put that money to good use for a decent replacement.

  • Chappy81

    I think I was the opposite of you. Saw the Saturday action, but not much of the Sunday action! One of my favorite sayings by a running back was when Marshawn used to talk about going into beast mode. He definitely did that on Saturday!

    How is hop stoopid ale? Never had that one…

    • mceezy

      I personally love it. It only comes in 22oz bottles, but this joint had it on draft. If you like Lagunitas IPA (and who doesn’t…) then this one’s worth a try. Do they even have it down South though?

  • tophatal


    The thing they can’t franchise tag him having cut Asomugha and at the same time with there being a number of teams around the league under the cap I’m sure that theyll be watching the situation closely .

    So the Chargers’ Ron Rivera has got the coaching job with the Panthers ? It’s been a long time coming as to my mind he should’ve been a head coach a long time ago ! He’s been on numrous interviews over the years for several vacant positions all to no avail until now . Finally there’s some semblance of common sense being shown by a GM in the NFL !

    tophatal ………….

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