Brandon Phillips is a Badass

About five or ten minutes ago, Brandon Phillips made his way to the plate for his first at-bat against the Cardinals since making the comment stating how he hated the Cardinals, and called them little bitches. It wasn’t what I expected, but at the same time, I’m not surprised with the outcome. Yadier Molina had some words for him. Shortly the benches emptied right after both took off their helmets. Phillips isn’t a shy guy, and had plenty to say right back to Molina. I like seeing this kind of hatred for an opponent, it’s been awhile since we’ve seen guys getting THIS heated! I love the retaliation factor in baseball, but Jaime Garcia didn’t even have a chance to bean Phillips. I’m sure Phillips shouldn’t have said those things yesterday, but it’s rare we have an athlete truly speak their mind. Well played Brandon, well played sir.

After things seemed to be calming down, Scott Rolen decided to pick it up again. Not sure what was said to him, but someone set him off! The Reds are tired of being the Cards doormat, and are ready to make this race a fight, literally. Just one more reason the Reds are a team I didn’t expect to care about. If you haven’t seen it, you have to check out the clip here.

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15 responses to “Brandon Phillips is a Badass

  • classic17

    I’m going to agree with you…to a point. I like that he heats up the rivalry with the “I’ll play on one leg” or even the “I hate the Cardinals.” Really, that’s all fine. I do wish more players would do things like that. He crossed the line when he called everyone “whiny bitches.” That’s a bit uncalled for.

    I have to say the real badass in this situation is Yadi for not taking Phillips’ crap and then blasting a homerun in the next inning. Phillips is now 1/10 in the series with two game ending outs.

    I haven’t watched anything but the Cards broadcast yet, but it started when Phillips tapped Yadi’s shinguard with the bat and Yadi kicked it away.

    • chappy81

      I’m sure you can only agree with me to a point, being a Cards fan! Since I’m an AL guy, I just like seeing the drama. I think Phillips might stop talking to the press like Ochocinco really quickly.

      Oh wow, I didn’t hear about that part where he tapped Yadi’s shin guards then he kicked it away, that makes it even better! Something was going to happen one way or the other. I don’t get to see them play that much, but did watch most of yesterday’s game. This rivalry is heating up!

      • classic17

        Yeah, they mention the bat tap thing in the second paragraph on the clip you linked. I like what Yadi did, I like what Rolen and Carp did, I like what La Russa and Dusty Baker did in all of this.

        What I don’t like is what Cueto did. The spikes to the face of Jason LaRue was pretty low. I’d imagine he just earned himself a suspension which is not what the Reds need in a pennant race.

        I guess indirectly Phillips has led to the suspension of their team’s ace and they’ve lost the first two of the series (and they get Waino tomorrow)…he’s probably rethinking his strategy a bit.

        • chappy81

          Haha, I should’ve read the article. I just linked it more for the clip, because they just don’t last on youtube…

          Yeah, Cueto’s move was pretty curious. I’m sure there’s going to be a handful of suspensions handed down. Then again, Selig doesn’t have a spine, so maybe nothing will that big will happen.

          I’m not sure if Phillips strategy is the worst possible way to go. I mean, he could unite the team a little. That’s rare these days. Maybe it’s just been awhile since we’ve seen a bench clearer that got me fired up!

  • mceezy

    I didn’t bother watching the clip until I read your post. Glad I did! I’m obviously siding with Phillips and the Reds on this one, but Taco needs to back his words up with some production at the plate. The Cards are in the thick of things year after year, so the Reds probably don’t wanna add any fuel to the fire.

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  • tophatal

    Nothing like big leaguers showing that they’re men . Now which of the teams will put up or simply shut the f_ck up ? The NL Central is anyone’s for the taking between these two teams .

    Who can forget A-Rod trying to show his manly side ? He makes Ricky Martin seem masculine !

    tophatal ………… 🙂

    • chappy81

      There’s nothing better than some bench clearing fun! I hope the Reds can keep it interesting, but I’m pretty sure the Cards will prevail in the end… I think I like the Pedro/Grady little fight better 🙂

      • tophatal


        The Cards and Reds have the division heating up just as it is in the AL Central between the Twins and White Sox . And Ozzie is now off on another of his rants saying that his team isn’t getting any respect .

        Fights in baseball are a dime a dozen but I’m looking forward to a real throwdown and not some hissy fit between the players !


        tophatal …….. 🙂

        • chappy81

          There’s actually a lot of good races going, except the AL west… I love Ozzie. He’s good at deflecting attention away from the team to get the team to play better. Everytime he speaks up it seems like his team quietly goes on a run right after. Will that happen again?!?

  • Chris Humpherys

    Nothing like a little inter-divisional hatred to heat things up for the stretch run.

  • classic17

    I can’t reply to the comments at the top, I guess it had enough.

    Anyway, I don’t think Phillips’ strategy was the worst either; I think he just took it a bit too far. I don’t expect him to like us and I kind of like that he said it.

    However, now that they’ve been swept, he went 2/14, and got his ace pitcher suspended, I do feel like it was the wrong move. Haha

    I also just really want to post this:

    • chappy81

      Sometimes the comments just get cut off…

      Haha, yeah in hindsight, I’m sure Brandon wishes it turned out a little differently. Getting swept probably wasn’t part of the plan, but you must be extremely happy with the results! You’re back in first!

      I’ve been wondering the whole season when they’d start to collapse, but Cincy keeps hanging around. This series and all their meetings so far this year showed that great pitching beats great offense…

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