Sacramento Mountain Lions Season Preview

Ok, ok, this isn’t a season preview. Who would take the time to preview the UFL season?! I don’t see myself even viewing, or re-viewing the season, so forget a preview. What I did want to do, though, is check out the roster and see if it’s worth heading out to the stadium and dropping a couple bucks to see Sac’s newest team. We all know about Daunte Culpepper and Dennis Green, after all, they are who we thought they were, but I’m curious who else is on the team. The UFL seems like it’s got to be an RFP hotbed. In the spirit of Doin Work, I’ll go through the roster in real time and share my thoughts on any names I recognize….

Otis Amey – The former San Francisco 49ers return specialist is apparently a Sacramento State alumni. I didn’t know Sac State even produced any pro football players, but Amey had a pretty solid run with the Niners. As a guy with NFL experience, surely he must be a starting wide receiver, opposite….

Antonio Chatman – I definitely recognize the name, but I thought I remembered Chatman on the Chargers, but apparently he never played for them. He spent time with the 49ers, Packers, and Bengals. Maybe I was mixing him up with Reche Caldwell??? Who knows, but a guy who played for multiple teams in the NFL must be a starter in the UFL, right?

Justin Goltz – I’ll be honest, I never heard of this guy before an hour ago. But I was checking the local news and saw this kid was the Mountain Lions’ #1 draft pick recently. They have arguably the biggest star in the UFL – which isn’t saying much – so why would they use their first pick on a backup QB?  You know what, who cares, it’s the UFL.

Chris Perry – Alright, now we’re talking. Perry didn’t do much with the Bengals, and I’m kind of surprised he’s out of the NFL already, but he was the man at Michigan. Depending on ticket prices, I’m thinking you can do a lot worse than seeing Culpepper and Perry in the backfield.

Tom Malone – May very well be my favorite college punter of all time. You may remember when Malone was at USC, he led the nation in yards per punt, but wasn’t eligible since the Trojans rarely punted the ball away. I’m surprised he didn’t last in the NFL, but I can’t wait to see him unleash an 80 yard punt through the thinnest air in the UFL. Oh wait, Vegas might be hotter.

Zeke Moreno – Another former Trojan, I’m a little less surprised he didn’t hang in the NFL. But something tells me he could be among the top linebackers in the UFL. But on a similar note, we could be among the top blogs that nobody’s read, so that doesn’t say much.

Dontarrious Thomas – Man, this guy was a stud in college at Auburn. The Vikings drafted him in the 2nd round in 2004, but he’s been out of the league since ’08. Apparently he led the team in tackles last season down in SF, so he figures to form quite a duo at linebacker with Moreno.

For season tickets to the Mountain Lions call 1-800-UR-TRIPN because no one should be buying season tickets for the UFL. I don’t care if there “as low as $40,” I’ll check out one game and go from there. Hornet Stadium happens to be on my way to work, and I gotta admit, the field looks pretty nice, but I can’t help but expect a high school football atmosphere. Do they even have a marketing department? Shouldn’t somebody be promoting this thing????

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7 responses to “Sacramento Mountain Lions Season Preview

  • Chappy81

    I think they should hire you to promote them haha! This post would get anyone remotely excited to go to at least one game!

    I remember Cameron Colvin playing for the Ducks, and he was a bay area local… Not sure he ever made it to the NFL though… You made me curious about the other RFP’s floating around on the UFL! Thanks for giving me something to do this morning!

  • Chris Humpherys

    At least now I know where to come for my Mountain Lion updates.


  • tophatal


    Isn’t the UFL where all the great players of the NFL go off and die ? LOL,LOL ,LOL !!!
    It’s become an elephants graveyard ! Have a great weekend man !

  • mceezy

    Frankly I’m surprised there’s that many guys I’ve heard of. The UFL makes the NBDL look like….. no clue where I’m going with that one, but you get the point.

    • tophatal


      The UFL could end up going the way of the AFL as that Neanderthal was brought down by none other than the greed of Donald Trump. Suffice to say both his and Cuban’s Midas touch when it came to MMA lasted as long as on of Brett Favre’s erections according to Jen Sterger . Tied themselves to Affliction in thinking that they could challenge UFC and the company went up in flames faster than Jenna Jameson goes down on an erected pen_s .

      tophatal ………. 🙂

  • classic17

    I went to a women’s pro football game one time. UFL doesn’t sound so bad.

    • mceezy

      Alright, see I have yet to check out a Sacramento Sirens game (our women’s football team). Maybe they’ll partner with the Mountain Lions and I’ll have a reason to go check out a game. Or maybe I’ll date a player.

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