Is It Football Time Yet?


When it boils down to it, I’m basically a two sport guy, Basketball & Football.  I do follow my San Francisco Giants, but I could care less what the rest of baseball is doing, and apparently I’m not the only one. 

Anyway, I must thank the NBA for setting up a 7 game series between two classic rivals in the Finals.  I must thank the 2010 World Cup, which actually opened an eye for me towards soccer.  I can honestly say I had never been quite as involved in it until this time around.  Hopefully my fair weather fanship doesn’t die down.  But most importantly, I must thank the idiots at “Team LeBron” which includes the “Self Proclaimed King” himself, for their decision to make “The Decision.”  This led to Miami becoming the “Evil Empire” of Basketball, Dan Gilbert’s now infamous letter in size 14 Comic Sans font, and so on, and so on.

You see, what this all does for me is shortens the time between the end of the NBA season, and the beginning of the NFL season.  I was talking to my girlfriend the other night about how I don’t even watch much SportsCenter come this time of the year, because there isn’t a consistent thing for me to care about in the world of sports.  Thank god for the show Dexter.

But now Football is coming around the corner and I can’t wait!  Why you ask?  Well I’m excited for Football every year, but this particular year is more personal for me.  It is the return of the San Francisco 49ers to the post season!  Now there’s been many instances of us (49ers fans) believing which ever past season we were in, was “the” season.  A few years back when we defeated then division power house Seattle Seahawks twice in the same season, we barely missed the Playoffs.  We naturally thought the following season would be it for us then.  Negative.  Last season, we thought for certain “this was it.”  One blinded Brett Favre miracle toss and complete melt downs versus Atlanta & Tennessee at home later, and fail.

This season is different.  For one, we’ve steadily improved over the past few seasons under Mike Singletary.  He’s molded a defensive unit capable of cracking the top five.  Two, we have a healthy Frank Gore, a budding star Tight End in Vernon Davis, and Michael Crabtree for a full season.  Alex Smith has been more than suspect during the course of his career, but he has all the tools now to make this offense respectable.  I have to believe he’ll deliver.  Lastly, no more Kurt Warner!  I’m sorry Cardinals fans, but Matt Leinart just isn’t it, at least not right now.  You lose Warner, and Boldin, and you drop to third in the division.  For the 49ers, just focus on your division.  The rest will fall into place.

With that said, I am chomping at the bits for the 2010 NFL season to start!  Aside from the 49ers, there’s other mysteries that have yet to be answered.  Is Peyton Manning & Tom Brady on the decline in their careers?  Will T.O. find a home?  Who will Chad Ocho Cinco choose in his new reality dating show?  These are the good questions only the NFL brings.  But, in the mean time, I’m hoping “Team LeBron” and his “Brand” can keep me occupied until then, which for some reason, I have no doubt they will do.  I wish I could take my boredom to South Beach …

3 responses to “Is It Football Time Yet?

  • tophatal


    It won’t be ’til the man-whores of ESPN say it is and that’s when Favre makes his customary return to the NFL . Look for Mortensen , John Clayton or whomever else ESPN sends to interview the player when he makes his announcement to return. There’ll be more preening and fawning being done than Jim Gray or Larry King would do when interviewing a guest.


    Alan ………….. 🙂

  • chappy81

    I actually have some restrained expectations that the Raiders will do well this year. I think the division is in disaray just like the NFC west. The Chargers won’t have their LT (left tackle and Tomlinson) or VJ their star wideout, so I’m optimistic the Raiders could sneak out a division crown.

    I feel ya though, this is a slow time for sports. I love baseball, but it feels like there aren’t all that many storylines that are worth talking about this year. I’m kinda over talking about Strasburg… Hopefully the A’s and Giants are somewhat relevant sometime in August…

    I hated the 49ers growing up, but now that they’ve struggled for awhile I’m back to rooting for them!

  • Chris Humpherys

    Soon, baby, soon.

    I heard on the radio the other day that football season was only a few months away …. and got a chubby.

    Is that wrong?

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