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Is It Football Time Yet?


When it boils down to it, I’m basically a two sport guy, Basketball & Football.  I do follow my San Francisco Giants, but I could care less what the rest of baseball is doing, and apparently I’m not the only one. 

Anyway, I must thank the NBA for setting up a 7 game series between two classic rivals in the Finals.  I must thank the 2010 World Cup, which actually opened an eye for me towards soccer.  I can honestly say I had never been quite as involved in it until this time around.  Hopefully my fair weather fanship doesn’t die down.  But most importantly, I must thank the idiots at “Team LeBron” which includes the “Self Proclaimed King” himself, for their decision to make “The Decision.”  This led to Miami becoming the “Evil Empire” of Basketball, Dan Gilbert’s now infamous letter in size 14 Comic Sans font, and so on, and so on.

You see, what this all does for me is shortens the time between the end of the NBA season, and the beginning of the NFL season.  I was talking to my girlfriend the other night about how I don’t even watch much SportsCenter come this time of the year, because there isn’t a consistent thing for me to care about in the world of sports.  Thank god for the show Dexter.

But now Football is coming around the corner and I can’t wait!  Why you ask?  Well I’m excited for Football every year, but this particular year is more personal for me.  It is the return of the San Francisco 49ers to the post season!  Now there’s been many instances of us (49ers fans) believing which ever past season we were in, was “the” season.  A few years back when we defeated then division power house Seattle Seahawks twice in the same season, we barely missed the Playoffs.  We naturally thought the following season would be it for us then.  Negative.  Last season, we thought for certain “this was it.”  One blinded Brett Favre miracle toss and complete melt downs versus Atlanta & Tennessee at home later, and fail.

This season is different.  For one, we’ve steadily improved over the past few seasons under Mike Singletary.  He’s molded a defensive unit capable of cracking the top five.  Two, we have a healthy Frank Gore, a budding star Tight End in Vernon Davis, and Michael Crabtree for a full season.  Alex Smith has been more than suspect during the course of his career, but he has all the tools now to make this offense respectable.  I have to believe he’ll deliver.  Lastly, no more Kurt Warner!  I’m sorry Cardinals fans, but Matt Leinart just isn’t it, at least not right now.  You lose Warner, and Boldin, and you drop to third in the division.  For the 49ers, just focus on your division.  The rest will fall into place.

With that said, I am chomping at the bits for the 2010 NFL season to start!  Aside from the 49ers, there’s other mysteries that have yet to be answered.  Is Peyton Manning & Tom Brady on the decline in their careers?  Will T.O. find a home?  Who will Chad Ocho Cinco choose in his new reality dating show?  These are the good questions only the NFL brings.  But, in the mean time, I’m hoping “Team LeBron” and his “Brand” can keep me occupied until then, which for some reason, I have no doubt they will do.  I wish I could take my boredom to South Beach …


The San Francisco 49ers were blessed with one of the easiest, no-brainer draft decisions when Wide Receiver Michael Crabtree fell in their laps at the 10th slot.  Problem is, in Crabtree’s mind, it didn’t happen that way.  He was the highest rated WR in the draft, so he should be paid like one.  If you haven’t heard the story, here’s Niners Nation’s in-depth account.

Michael Crabtree is continuing the much-maligned tradition of rookies holding out in training camp in attempt to earn more money despite the fact that they have never taken an NFL snap.  I often wonder how fans ever forgive these players after pulling such shenanigans.  The Oakland Raiders had to deal with this recently with Jamarcus Russell, and now, the nightmare has shifted across the Bay to Santa Clara / San Francisco where what the Niners once thought was a gift, has now turned into a disaster.  While I’d like to root for the 49ers to hold a firm position, they don’t have much leverage here.  Gaining much publicity this year in Niners camp is Alex Smith’s attempt to reclaim the starting spot that he should’ve been holding down for the last two full seasons.  The concequence is a constant reminder of the franchise’s shortcomings in the draft which they held the #1 overall pick.  It wasn’t considered by anyone to be a deep draft, but with #24 pick Aaron Rodgers succeeding Brett Favre in Green Bay, the scarlet and gold are publicly relegated to the short end of the stick.  So, with the Alex Smith debacle playing in the background, the Michael Crabtree situation makes things that much more urgent.  No one expects him to be a superstar, but at the same time, he’s as close to a sure-fire WR prospect as we’ve seen in the last few years.  Adding to the burden is the lack of the depth at the wideout spot.  Sure, there are a handful of capable receivers on the roster, but Brandon Jones, Isaac Bruce, and Josh Morgan doesn’t exactly have playoff receiving corps written on it.  Crabtree, unfortunately, is needed.



I will give that the 49ers fan base is a faithful one.  The franchise has been driven into the ground over the course of the last decade by the York family, but the fan support has been unwavering.  SF fans are dying to clutch on to a franchise player and cheer on his every move.  The problem is, they can’t find anyone to fill that role.  Alex Smith has blown his chances, Vernon Davis was practically handed the badge of fan-favorite, but has failed repeatedly to win over the faithful.  Frank Gore and Patrick Willis have helped carry the torch, but for a fan base who has grown up with Jerry Rice and Terrell Owens, who didn’t start to wear on nerves until he had actually earned his stripes, Crabtree is in a unique position to be the man for years to come with one of the most storied NFL franchises.  However, because the franchise is what it is, I don’t believe they should bend for Crabtree.  Let him walk.  This move on his part only is a preview of what is to come throughout his career.  Though it may be a PR nightmare for the time being, time will ultimately prove it to be the right decision.  Let’s face it, Crabtree isn’t worthy of lining up on the same hash mark as the great Jerry Rice.  He belongs somewhere like Kansas City or Minnesota anyway.

Anybody know the logistics of whether SF could work out a Crabtree for Boldin swap with the Cardinals?