Clipper Fans Make Play for Lebron

There’s not much to do in May if you’re a Clippers fan. But having a rally devoted to a player who has, and probably never will, don your team’s uniform is mostly unheard of. I can appreciate the cause, because let’s be honest, any Warriors or Kings fan can relate to our cousins from the South. It’s always good to see some enthusiasm from the Clipper Nation. I still can’t help but have a slightly uncomfortable feeling though, as I watch a couple dozen Clipper fans parade outside the Staples Center while the Lakers are busy sewing up their third straight NBA Finals berth. It’s kind of like being a Senior in high school watching the JV team play.

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7 responses to “Clipper Fans Make Play for Lebron

  • chappy81

    Wow, Mr. Clipper himself leading the way! I think they should’ve had Baron help them make a video instead of the whole rally thing. If I were Lebron, this would probably make me not want to go there!

  • Chris Humpherys

    To be perfectly honest, I don’t know why anyone would want to play for the Clippers. And I don’t know that LeBron would want to play second fiddle to Kobe in that town.

    Sorry Clippers fans.

  • tophatal


    Give the Clippers’ fan their kudos because over the time they’ve seen the highs and lows.

    Alan Parkins

  • tophatal


    Which player on the Clippers’ roster do you believe ought to have the privilege of having sex with LeBron’s mom , Gloria James ? That may not be too steep a price to pay possibly for the Clippers as an organization don’t you think ?

    That proposal could very well be what it takes to lure LeBron and his mama to the team .

    If it makes his momma happy then no doubt LeBron ought to be happy . Delonte West could now be on the outside looking in. As he won’t be getting anymore tail from LBJ’s mom.

    Alan Parkin

  • classic17

    You’re right, there isn’t much to do in May if you’re a Clippers fan…but really, how is that any different than any other month? Zing!

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