Byrnes Hitting Bombs

You may have read my post last week that former MLB outfielder, Eric Byrnes, decided to take up softball and join the Dutch Goose team. Looks like he might not be able to hit major league pitching anymore, but he sure can wail on a slow pitch softball, and he should, the guy is only 34! The details were foggy about his abrupt departure from Seattle, and some thought he disobeyed the managers order to bunt, and took off after the game on his bike avoiding meeting with the owner and media. He cleared his name up on ESPN First Take yesterday in case you care, here’s the clip. He pretty much wanted to make it clear that anytime you avoid the media, you let them assume the worst! Anyways, it must be nice to be young and rich, so you can golf and play softball! I’m pretty sure we will see him behind a sportscasting desk before you know it.

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