Sunday Slow Jams

Things are a little slow over here at Doin Work this weekend. But when all five of us call California home, it’s a little difficult to sit at home on the computer when it’s 81 degrees and sunny outside. Although that’s just me… Chappy’s down in LA where it’s 69 and Tony, Dre, and By are in a brisk 59 degree San Francisco day. Nonetheless, sometimes there’s just too much going on to blog about the playoff games we all saw. Lebron showed he expects to have little trouble with an aging Celtics team. The Hawks nonchalantly dismissed the Bucks from the postseason. And, the Lakers gained the upper hand in their series against the Utah Jazz. But no matter how busy you are, everyone’s got time for a little music, and no matter where you live, chances are you have that one radio station that plays nothing but old school jams on Sunday nights. Consider Doin Work that radio station for this time and place….

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