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Like Sunday Morning

It’s still Saturday night in my world, but anybody checkin out the blog right now is on Sunday morning mode in some fashion. What better excuse to throw up a little Lionel? I’d call myself a huge closet Lionel Richie fan, but it’s no secret. Let’s just hope I don’t regret passing up his concert on Thursday. I wanna be high…….sooooo high…….

damn check out that suit!

Sunday Slow Jams

Things are a little slow over here at Doin Work this weekend. But when all five of us call California home, it’s a little difficult to sit at home on the computer when it’s 81 degrees and sunny outside. Although that’s just me… Chappy’s down in LA where it’s 69 and Tony, Dre, and By are in a brisk 59 degree San Francisco day. Nonetheless, sometimes there’s just too much going on to blog about the playoff games we all saw. Lebron showed he expects to have little trouble with an aging Celtics team. The Hawks nonchalantly dismissed the Bucks from the postseason. And, the Lakers gained the upper hand in their series against the Utah Jazz. But no matter how busy you are, everyone’s got time for a little music, and no matter where you live, chances are you have that one radio station that plays nothing but old school jams on Sunday nights. Consider Doin Work that radio station for this time and place….

Yang Tames a Tiger

YE Yang Fist Pump Tiger

Somehow, Y.E. Yang did all the fist pumping and dancing around the greens in front of a stunned Tiger on his huge Sunday charge that made him the winner of the PGA Championship. The ultimate fist pump came when he chipped in an eagle on the 14th hole to take the lead away from Tiger for the first time in this major championship.YE Yang Fist Pump Yang took down the seemingly unbeatable Woods! It was Tiger’s first loss in a major when leading or having a share of the lead in the final round. This was Yang’s first major win, and it was only his second PGA Tour win of his career. It was the second time he beat Woods though, as he took him down in China a couple of years ago. This was far different and there was much more pressure. What made it more amazing was the fact he took down the worlds #1 golfer by playing in the final pairing with Woods, and shot an amazing 5 shots better than Tiger for the day!

During the whole telecast the CBS crew kept waiting and talking about when Tiger would do his usual thing, which is come back and win. This was the first time that it wasn’t his day as the announcers kept inquiring”Is this the putt that gets Tiger going? Was that the drive?” As they hoped they would see some historical shot by Tiger none of them conceded that Yang could really win this tournament, until Tiger missed the green badly on the 18th hole. Honestly, I didn’t really think he’d win either, but on the par 3 17th hole when Yang hit his tee shot it landed inches from a hillside that would have kicked his ball into the water it felt like it was his day.YE Yang PGA Championship Instead of his ball going out of bounds, his ball landed about 10 feet from the hole giving him a birdie opportunity. He had luck on his side, as there were a few other bounces that went his way, but this one was the most pivotal!

Although Tiger was missing putts that he usually makes, Yang was the more aggressive player on the course as he went for all he could on every shot. Meanwhile Woods seemed to lay up on holes, and take the safe route. He looked like he was playing not to win, but just trying to not lose. I think Woods thought Yang would just fade away the same way Harrington did last week. That was not the case, as Yang didn’t care about the huge gallery following Tiger, and played his game aggressively from start to finish!

Yang marks the first time a Major Championship has been won by an Asian, well, I guess the first full Asian winner, because Tiger is a halfer. I along with many felt that KJ Choi would be the first Asian to win a major, but Yang took those honors! The win can only help golf as they are always trying to expand their horizons across the globe. Go asian people!