Got Beef? Gilbert Arenas vs. Tyreke Evans

I noticed something after tonight’s Kings-Wizards game and couldn’t wait to launch this rocket off into cyberspace. After the horn, Tyreke Evans grabbed Gilbert Arenas’ arm from behind, presumably to say good game bla bla blah. Well, ESPN cameras cut away to something else, and when they cut back to Evans, accomplished lip readers like myself saw him yelling “Yeah fuck you homeboy.” Since a mere second or two had elapsed, one can only assume this was directed at Arenas. Personally, I’ve seen nothing to suggest Tyreke Evans is at all anything short of a humble, class act. Therefore, I’m left with the impression that Gilbert was sour grapes after losing the game by getting stripped by the rookie on national television. Though perhaps it’s possible Tyreke was being the Byron Hout to Gilbert’s LeGarrette Blount – minus the right cross. Nonetheless, I’m curious to know what really transpired, so someone please fill me in. Gilbert, you’re a fellow blogger. Tell us what the deal is!

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One response to “Got Beef? Gilbert Arenas vs. Tyreke Evans

  • tophatal


    It’s good to see that the players in the NBA can be just as mindless , petulant and as infantile as kids in a kindergarten playground. Only in the kids’ case they tend not to use profanity when provoked or unprovoked as the case maybe.

    Alan Parkins

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