Is Chelsea FC Beginning to Crumble?

 If you’ve read this blog on a regular basis, you’ll know I’m the resident soccer fan here, and an ardent supporter of Chelsea FC. Last years second half collapse in the EPL, followed by our shocking exit from the Champions League at the hands of Barcelona was a tough 3 months for Blues fans to endure.  Before the offseason had even really begun, Chelsea’s swoop of Carlo Ancelotti seemed like the perfect transition from Guus Hiddink…With Manchester United loosing Ronaldo and Tevez the stage seemed relatively set for Chelsea to reclaim its title as the best team in England.

 Fast-forward to December 1st , after four months of results, Chelsea fans were bullish that the season was shaping up to be one of the most successful in club history. Easy Champions League qualifications and massive wins over Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal made Chelsea seem almost invincible. Two weeks later Chelsea head into……..(shall I really say it? Okay here it goes)…..a must win game against Everton to stem the tide of three miserable results. A 3-3 tie with Blackburn, a 2-1 loss to Manchester City, and a hapless high scoring 2-2 draw at home against Apoel Nicosia was a flood  of goals and equally bad results. Is this the opening for Manchester United was waiting to exploit? Is the loss of form a flash back to the rein of Luiz Felipe Scolari and his sudden turn of fortune in 2007?

 Sure maybe I’m totally panicking for no reason, three games in a row in such a long season is nothing, right? I’m not so sure……..

 I’ll argue that this weekends match against Everton is a must win affair not because three points are simply at stake, but because Chelsea’s next 7 EPL opponents are equally as bad if not worse (Burnley, Portsmouth, Hull, Birmingham twice, Sunderland, West Ham). Getting three points this Saturday sets up a run of opponents we should being taking maximum points from, dropping points at the start to a depleted Everton team would make it officia, Chelsea are in trouble.

 In the end however, Look for Chelsea to win 3-0 this Saturday, as well as take 25 points out of a possible 27 over there next 9 games…..United better be spot on…Chelsea aren’t going anywhere!

4 responses to “Is Chelsea FC Beginning to Crumble?

  • tophatal


    I for one don’t see it as them crumbling, more over complacency and the thought that all they’ve got to do is to turn up to win games. And as we all know the games are played on the soccer pitch and not in the heads of the players.

    If Ancelloti can’t get things done then don’t be surprised if Abramovich suddenly moves to fire him and bring in someone else. That’s been their mantra over the years.

    Dropped this piece on the Premiership.“> What’s New In The English Premiership ….

    Alan Parkins

  • samuel

    we are not crumbling it is a matter of time every thing will be ok.

  • Sanmi Ajayi

    Ancelloti needs to rediscover the team.

    What worked for him in previous games now seems ineffective.

    This was the same scenario last season. Instead of Chelsea amassing points from relatively weaker teams (Everton, West Ham), we saw them play draws and staying only four points ahead of Manchester United, a strong foe which if left to find their rythyms, can win all their remaining matches.

    Chelsea needs to wake up and put smile on the faces of their adherents. UP CHELSEA

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