The Best Sports Blogs You’ve Never Read

There’s handful of blogs out there on the web that I visit on a weekly basis, if not daily. Just thought I’d take a moment to recommend some of these sites for your viewing pleasure….

ATHLETICS NATION – With the Winter Meetings in full swing, and the A’s already active in the offseason “frenzy”, check here for all the latest transactions, rumors, and analysis on everything that is the Oakland Athletics.

GOLDEN STATE OF MIND – The best blog on the Golden State Warriors, if not all team blogs in sports. I haven’t been here as much recently, because the Warriors aren’t doing too well of late, but still the benchmark for NBA team blogs.

SACTOWN ROYALTY – Another great NBA team blog. As my excitement about this year’s Kings squad grows, so does my frequenting this site.

A’S DRUMBEAT, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE – Not the most comprehensive source, given the fact that the SF Chronicle is largely a pro-Giants newspaper, but Susan Slusser always breaks A’s news first.

BARSTOOL SPORTS – In case you haven’t noticed, I’m pretty anti-Boston. But somehow I can tolerate these guys, and even respect them. It’s always the first site I check after the A’s beat the Red Sox.

FANHOUSE – One of the best blogs out there. A true example of a small sports blog rising to the top. They always have the breaking news.

TOPHATAL’S BLOG – I don’t like this guy right now, but damnit if I don’t respect him! He may be clueless when it comes to the A’s, but he knows his sports and definitely doesn’t hide his opinion.

SPORTS GUY BY – Reminds me a lot of our site, but By certainly has a different perspective. Also largely focused around Bay Area sports teams.

AND…. a couple non-sports blogs worth checking out to pass the time during the work day….


TEXTS FROM LAST NIGHT – Remember that text you shouldn’t have sent last night?  They do.

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10 responses to “The Best Sports Blogs You’ve Never Read

  • tophatal


    I don’t come into this to cow tow to the opinions of others. I call it like I see it and offer up both sides to an argument. As for me not knowing enough about the A’s . It’d appear that you can’t even take constructive criticism , much less put up a well placed argument for the environment of the club at present ? Granted, I understand that you support the team wholeheartedly. But just don’t be blinded to the fact that they too, can’t screw up . At the end of the day it’s the fans who in the end, end up paying for the continued mess. Less , you’ve forgotten that ?

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      Hmmm, I don’t think either of us will argue that they haven’t messed up from time to time. I don’t regret losing Andre Either or signing Chavez, because both those moves made us win at the moment. On the chain we were arguing before on you brought up the Rays and Marlins, who have close to the same payrolls as the A’s. The Marlins are only in the hunt every four years, and after they win they blow up the team trading for prospects, much like the A’s. Tampa has had ONE good year ever, and shouldn’t be compared to the A’s success wise. Of the teams in the bottom third of spending, only the Twins and three other teams mentioned have had success. The rest of the teams suck check it out for yourself! I’m not sure how you can say that the A’s aren’t a good organization.

      • tophatal

        chappy 81

        What you seem to blindly forget with regard to the
        Marlins they don’t play in their own venue. They lease Dolphins Stadium from the Dolphins. Furthermore they only get a percentage of the concessions and parking revenues from attendance. So that they’re at a disadvantage in terms of their revenue streams when measured against every other team in baseball.

        I thought even you as an alleged baseball fan would know that ? But once again if you’re going to cherry pick you cherry pick for your information, rather than doing some full bloodied research.

        Alan Parkins

  • chappy81

    Oh really, faulty research you say. I know that the Marlins play in Dolphin stadium, and guess what the A’s have a lease with the Oakland Coliseum that they share with the Raiders. SAME EXACT SITUATION! I didn’t cherry pick any information, because there is nothing to cherry pick. They are pretty close to the same organization at the moment. One big difference with the Marlins, is they have a go project for a new stadium, and the A’s do not. The A’s need a new stadium before they can spend over $90 million, which half the league does…

  • tophatal


    The only money the Marlins makes in terms of their home games derives of the monies they get in terms of the local broadcasts on the none affiliated tv stations locally and the concessions that they operate. Is that the same with the A’s ? I think not !

    The stadium for the Marlins by the way isn’t yet a guarantee. It’s now been placed on the backburner due to state local government budgetary constraints.

    But wasn’t it you and mceezy who suggested that the A’s weren’t bereft of money ? So what gives ? Either they have it or they don’t ?

    The asinine thing here is that the likes of DuPuy and Selig can’t get it into their heads that a hard salary cap is needed for baseball. And furthermore getting the taxpayers to foot the ‘bill’ for every new fangled edifice that needs to be built for some multi millionaire or billionaire’s luxury takes away from the citizens and the local communities real needs.

    Like I said absolutely no one tends to look at that side of the picture. They think that a sports franchise benefits everyone. They ought to try explaining that to families who now find themselves either homeless , unemployed or worst yet the services that they’re charged aren’t being afforded to them , as is their right.

    Alan Parkins

  • tophatal


    Either yourself or mceezy had written a recent piece that suggested that the A’s were replete with funds. Which is it ? They have or they haven’t ?

    Alan Parkins

  • mceezy

    I believe what you’re referring to is when I said they aren’t as poor as people think. That’s not to say the team is extraordinarily profitable, but the owners have money of their own that they could plug into the team if they wanted to. Problem is, they don’t want to. Now, ownership is the one part of the organization I don’t have as much faith in, but they’re trying to get a new stadium built. In California, you’re on your own in that department. Thus, I must admit, they’re at least planning ahead.

    • tophatal


      So what is the alleged revenue streams that you believe wherein the Marlins and the A’s are on the same level ? In fact they’re nowhere close as being at the same level by any stretch of the imagination.

      The A’s can plan ahead all they want but as with any other state across the nation. When they’re restricted by budgetary constraints things such as a stadium tend to get placed on the back-burner. By the way how much of an a_s is Schwarzanneggar to begin with ? The fact that he thought he could leverage the future of the state by borrowing irresponsibly shows how naive he was to begin with !

      Where the hell did he think that he’d be able to derive future revenues from ?

      I see the Bosox have gotten John Lackey from the Angels ? At the same time the Phillies are on the cusp of getting Halladay , wherein they’ll trade Cliff Lee to the Mariners. Who says that the rich don’t get rich in the game of baseball ? There’s not even the remote possibility that parity in some form returns to the game of baseball. Not when deals such as this can go down and the minnows of the game are left on the outside looking in.

      And you say I was being overly critical of the A’s ? Either you have the money go out spend it judiciously or it basically goes into the pockets of the owners.

      Alan Parkins

  • gjmcrae

    Very interesting blog are you covering just MLB

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