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Trojans Win Track Meet At Aloha Stadium

David Ausberry, a 6'4', 235 LBS WR, pushed away CB Lametrius Davis with one arm after catching the ball and strolled into the end zone.

Here’s some observations I had from last night’s USC vs. Hawaii opener, and the nightmare on defense, for both teams…

  • USC’s offense looked mediocre when you take into account Hawaii has a terrible defense that was outsized on the line by a wide margin
  • USC’s defense looked absolutely terrible, missed tackles and blown coverages galore
  • Hawaii’s offense looked very good, even their 3rd string QB passed for 2 TDs, which is the only solace for USC
  • USC’s offense will only get better, they’ll have 4 effective RBs with four different styles of play, and they have about 6 WRs that when healthy would start anywhere in the country
  • 2 possible Heisman candidates stood out last night as well as a possible third: Matt Barkley and Ronald Johnson looked in sync and ready to go from snap 1, and Tyler looked strong and quick.


Passing Offense: B+

Couple of bad drops/deflections, couple of holding calls, but for game 1 on the road, a very good showing

Running Offense: B-

Mark Tyler waited for this opportunity for a long time. He started this year at #4 on the RB depth chart. He showed why he's now #1 after putting up 154 yards rushing and a TD in the opener.

Easy to look good running against Hawaii, should have run for 300 yards and didn’t.  See Wisconsin last year.  Younger Oline but so much talent

Passing Defense: D-

Perhaps deserved an F but the Off bailed them out.  Young secondary looked terrible, blown coverages and hands on defenders all over.  Pass rush was ok.

Running Defense: C

Line looked a little tired toward the end, but that’s what happens when your thin after injuries and key departures.  Room for improvement, especially tackling

Special Teams: C

Only highlight was Ronald Johnson’s (ill-advised) spectacular return, but again against a weak defensive team.  What was the 2 point conversion thing???  Yuck

Overall: C+

Not a good performance against a weak Hawaii team.  Coaches should be worried.  Oline really should have dominated more against a smaller but speedy D.  The Defense looked the part we expected: very young and inexperienced.  Pass rush will look better against normal offenses, this was a quick strike run&gun so the pressure they did put on was impressive.  Tackling should get better as they did not tackle in fall ball, so all kinds of room for improvement there.  And kick a point after for chr sake.  That was embarrassing.

WHAT!?! The Nets Won?!?

It’s getting pretty cold outside as winter hits full stride, but hell might just have just frozen over with this news! The Nets have finally won a game taking out a very good mediocre team, in the Charlotte Bobcats 97-91. I guess the Bobcats are pretty bad, but Jersey fans will take what they can get. They luckily ended their record breaking 18 game losing streak, which MCeezy paid tribute to yesterday, and still hold the title of the worst team in the league, but at least they won’t have to worry about losing all 82. Now they just need to make sure they win ten more, so they don’t set the record for worst season of all time! At this point that could be a challenge, but I think they will keep themselves from making that type of history, especially if Courtney Lee and Brook Lopez can both deliver the type of performances they had tonight. If anything is positive about this team is that they have the inside track to drafting John Wall, who I think would fit nicely with this team, even with Harris in the lineup.

One last thought that occurred to me about the Bobcats from a Warriors fan perspective. I wondered how SJax likes his new surroundings on a WINNING TEAM HAHAHAHAHA! Way to get yourself out of Oakland smooth move!

Stephen Curry Doin Blogging!

Stephen Curry WarriorsMaybe Curry is trying to get recognized in elevators, or maybe Curry just wants to take us to the alternate universe that is your 2009-10 Golden State Warriors. Whatever the case, if any sports fans actually read GQ, then they will get to read about Stephen Curry’s rookie campaign. Having many guys already hurt (Biendris, Wright, and Turiaf) they have no size, so Curry’s blog may well be the one thing to consistently follow this season!

In his first entry Curry tells us about how he was just about ready to suit up for the game, and needed to go to back to his car. No, not to get his shoes that he left at the hotel or that he needed something that would help him during the game, but he went back to his car to re-tape himself pulling up to the arena for NBA.com. Yes, this always seems to be a problem we run into. Hey Mceezy, you forgot to tag those links in this mornings post! So much for spontaneity! I did LOVE how he gave the Oracle crowd props for being so loud towards the end of the game! More than I can say for SJax…

In his second entry, Curry faced off with the legendary Steve Nash, and seemed to think that he could emulate him one day. I hope he’s right, and I hope that is with the Warriors. It wasn’t all that exciting of an entry, but did produce this golden nugget of a quote.

Stephen Curry Deandre Jordan“We had Saturday off, and then Sunday was probably our best practice of the year. Everybody was focused and working hard for two hours. And the veterans, they don’t really do that too often. I think the mood of the team is pretty positive right now, even though we’re 0-2. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. [Golden State would beat Memphis 113-105 the next night]”

I guess this is something that dubs fans probably knew for awhile, but it kind of sucks to see it in writing. I guess that’s probably why they have long mental lapses during the games. I guess if AI doesn’t need practice, then why would any of the other veterans!