The Raiders Outlook May be Bleak, but there’s Always a Silver Lining Before the Season Starts

Al Davis

With Raiders Camp concluding on the 27th, I thought I’d take a look at our chances this season. I usually try to talk myself into believing that we will do good, and keep a positive attitude. This year, in all honesty an 8-8 season would feel like we made the playoffs. I’m not saying we’ll win that many, but I hope that we play good enough to at least cover the Vegas lines!Tom Cable This off-season has been highlighted by Cable’s haymaker, but I’d say that last season’s Jevon Walker saga was much more dysfunctional. At least this season, it was football related. Plus, I really like that he did it. It makes me feel like he really cares. Whatever happens, I’m glad we have a coach that gets fired up enough to sock someone. If I was a player, he’d have my respect instantly. Anyways, if we’re going to win a significant amount of games this season it all falls on Jemarcus and his ability to lead this offense.

Entering his third season, he really needs to show the team something or their contingency plan (Garcia) will kick into effect. One thing about Russell, is he’s good at not turning it over, but on the same notion he doesn’t throw many TD passes and completes only %53 of his passes. I’m not a big fan of the pre-season telling you much since both teams are working out the kinks on both sides of the ball. I did catch some of the Raiders vs. Niners game, and was surprised to see Russell play pretty well with the exception of one wild over throw. He looked more comfortable than I’ve ever seen him. I’m not saying he won’t make bad decisions when the season starts, but at least he looks more comfortable/calm on the field.

As for their receivers, it’s definitely not completely figured out. I’ve read that #7 pick Darius Heywood-Bey (DHB), has seemed to be getting into a rhythm, and has made a memorable catch in mini camps.Darius Heywood-Bey DHB Jevon Walker made his first appearance at yesterday’s practice since last November after repairing his knee. He’s probably going to disappear more often than not whether he’s injured or on the field. Chaz Schillins, is not a # 1 receiver. Tight End Zach Miller, Russell’s favorite target last season, should be seeing just as much action. I just hope he’s not leading the team in receiving yards again, because we really need to get our receivers involved. If DHB is the highest rated receiver on the Raiders in Madden 2010 with an 81, then it’s definitely an area that needs a lot of improvement.

Our running game has been the one strong part of our offense for the past couple years, but we need some passing too. Having a clog in the backfield with Fargas, Mcfadden, and Bush, might be one to many backs. Not that they won’t be a great combo to put out there to force teams to stop,  but why wouldn’t you try to shop Fargas and Bush around?Michael Bush They could address a number of needs and still have a two headed monster that teams covet in the backfield.  They don’t even need to go for a receiver that I stated they need so desperately. They could upgrade the offensive or defensive line. In this scenario, I’d much rather see Fargas go as he runs into his own linemen more than tacklers, but if it takes Bush to make a drastic improvement in any of the above mentioned areas, I’m all for it. I’m not saying that Mr. Davis would make a sensible move such as this one, but we can hope. I’m ready for the Chargers on the Monday edition of season openers!

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3 responses to “The Raiders Outlook May be Bleak, but there’s Always a Silver Lining Before the Season Starts

  • Alan Parkins


    The silver lining to this all , may well be the fact law enforcement is said to getting involved in the Cable Hanson incident. What the hell was Cable thinking to begin with ? And with regard to the Raiders . This team is only as good as JaMarcus Russell will be. Cause one thing is for sure , is that if they go with Garcia . And he breaks down in the season. Then all bets are off !

    With Bush , Heyward-Bey and McFadden , they ought to be OK on the offensive side of things. But it’s as I said earlier. Much of that’ll be predicated on the play of Russell. The AFC West isn’t one of the more desirable divisions within the NFL . Other than the Chargers . In reality , it’s a mess in terms of the overall quality !

    I’d responded to the comment left with regard to Notre Dame and Mets.

    And The Survey Says

    As and when you’re ready I’ll look forward to reading response.

    I’ll be checking out Vick tonight to see how he does. I’m not expecting too much of a hoopla, as this is nothing more than a preseason game.

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      YEah, I’m not sure what Cable was thinking… We’ll see what happens with the legal situation as the league could easily suspend him for a game or two. I think it stemmed from Hanson’s side as he is one of the last coordinators that Al won’t let go. Al and Cable have had disputes in the past on the coordinators…
      I fully agree with Russell being the key to them having any kind of success this year. Me and a few friends actually debated who was the worst in the AFC West, and it seems like there isn’t a conclusive answer to that. I could see the Raiders being in 2nd or 4th in the division…
      I’ll probably miss the Vick game, but I’m sure I’ll see the highlights 50 times later… I hope he does good, but preseason never gets me excited…

      • Alan Parkins

        If the Raider can strike out quick and get into the rhythm of winning their first 2 or 3 games . Then it’ll bode well for them in the first 1/4 of the season. If they should hit a rut then all bets are off !

        Check out my newest piece on the Premiership . That’s if you’re indeed a soccer fan ?

        Dear Ol’ Blighty I Can Still Hear You Callin’ And I Still Yearn For My Football And Then Some !

        As to Vick and the Eagles. If they win- then one one will fault , Reid or the team’s GM Joe Banner. They lose and the fans’ll make McNabb , Reid , Banner and the organization feel like pariahs up there in Philly. You’ve got to remember the fans there are so insipid that they even booed Santa .

        Alan Parkins

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