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Moving Ramp = Disaster

I know that this clip is pretty old, a lot of times when I hurt myself I revisit this clip, and think, well at least I didn’t do something this stupid… When this stunt was thought up, I’m not sure why they thought it was a good idea. Jumping over the car would be cool in itself without the ramp moving.

Epic Best Man Fail

Yeah, this one is old, but it gives me a laugh everytime I see it. I was going to write about LJ, but got over that pretty quick, so here’s something light instead…


Freestyle Walker Gets Owned

Well, I’ve always thought freestyle walking was one of the lamest sports ever invented, especially when they came out with the shoes that the little plastic pieces on the bottom to allow you to slide down rails. I’m not sure if this guy IS in fact freestyle walking, but he REALLY needs to get a little more practice in!