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Flop of the Year

I’m not sure how long this video has been circulating, but it gave me a good laugh just now. It’s like one of those wrestling punches that completely misses and the guy still falls down, but this was even more obvious than even those fake punches. It looks like Mick Pinnisi needs to take a class in the Divac School of Flop pronto.

Doin Work Fail of the Day

We’re not trying to bite anyone’s material, so let’s make it clear this came from failblog.org. But here’s today’s Fannie Mae “Fail of the Day.” Personally, I think it’s a WIN for all of society….

Moving Ramp = Disaster

I know that this clip is pretty old, a lot of times when I hurt myself I revisit this clip, and think, well at least I didn’t do something this stupid… When this stunt was thought up, I’m not sure why they thought it was a good idea. Jumping over the car would be cool in itself without the ramp moving.

Cat Gets Owned!

Solid break dancing moves! I’ve never seen a flying pig that people seem to reference, but here we clearly see that with one solid uppercut that flying cats DO exist.