Replacing Campbell: What Would Al Do?

Now that I’ve accepted Kyle Boller as the Raiders’ starting QB in Week 7, it’s a bit easier for me to take a less hasty look at the search for a replacement for Jason Campbell. I, for one, am not sold on Kyle Boller as a long-term solution. Fortunately, the Raiders face a 2-3 Kansas City team that’s scoring just 15 points a game this season. After that, the Bye week. So, it looks like if we can just survive one “should-win” game at home with Boller, we can focus more of our attention on getting the best possible guy for the job, instead of just whoever we can get now. If I’m Al Davis, I go straight to the best guy available. Though Carson Palmer and available aren’t words that have been mentioned together all year, my gut says Al would MAKE him available. The main arguments against it are that Bengals ownership is stubbornly set on not rewarding a player’s demands, and the Raiders don’t have any attractive draft picks next year anyway. But they do still have their number one pick. Trading a first round pick is probably foolish, but the Raiders are winning now, and they’re built for the future as well. I don’t see anyone on the roster who’ll need to be replaced in the next three years. I’ve got to believe it’s worth it to get a bonafide starting NFL quarterback. Most owners wouldn’t pull the trigger merely on the prospect of the criticism they’d receive, but Al Davis never cared about that. He’d just say something like, “We wanted Carson Palmer so we GOT Carson Palmer,” and that’d be the end of it. And ultimately, if he was unable to succesfully pry Palmer from the Bengals, he’d at least leak the offer to the media so Cincinnati owner, Paul Brown, would have to face criticism from his fans for turning down a first round pick on stubborn principle.

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7 responses to “Replacing Campbell: What Would Al Do?

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  • sportsattitudes

    Rumors of Carson Palmer to the Raiders at trade deadline are in the air…heaven sent or just media making it all up? We shall know soon enough.

  • chappy81

    Wow, the front office really did channel thier inner Davis. In the same process they won’t have to worry about the draft either since we won’t have a pick! Way to shorten the offseason checklist and get better at the same time!!

  • Chris Ross

    Reading this was absolute gold after the Carson Palmer trade. Al Davis definitely approves.

    • mceezy

      I didn’t see the second pick being thrown in, but I still feel pretty good about my prediction. A lot of people said they SHOULD get Palmer, but I don’t know anyone who said they WOULD.

  • sportsattitudes

    Do y’all think the second pick pushed it a tad in the Bengals’ favor or feel it was it a mutually solid deal for both teams? Obviously, time will tell on all this but what is your take on the transaction without a down being played? I wonder about the second pick because Carson wasn’t exactly tearing it up in Cincy near the end. Potential doesn’t equal production. It always seems he “has it in him.” From Oakland’s standpoint, I would have liked to just see the one pick traded away.

    • chappy81

      Well, I’m sure they wouldn’t have wanted to give up two first rounders if they didn’t have to, and they haven’t really given up two picks in the first round, because the second one hinges on a AFC championship appearance, which I would gladly trade for a first rounder. There’s probably noway to tell who got the better of the trade until he actually plays a few games imo…

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