Wow Denver…

So, today MCeezy and I got our wish of landing Carson Palmer on the Raiders. You never can tell what you’re getting until you see him play, but overall it’s hard to dislike the move as a Raiders fan. I’ve already heard some say he might flop because his last few years weren’t all that great, but then again when he was in Cincy, and his RB’s to help shoulder the offensive load there were Rudi Johnson, Chris Perry, and Cedric Benson (Not exactly an All-Pro list). I’m sure DMac will help him get some easy one on one situations on the outside, and he can’t throw the deep ball any worse than Campbell did, so all signs point to it being a good acquisition. I had to write a little about it even if it doesn’t have to do with the video, since obviously it’s the Raiders.

Anyways, I found this awesome Tebow tribute today, and think that Broncos fans might just be completely nuts to think Tebow is going to lead them to a super bowl anytime soon. They have many more question marks than at the QB position. Orton might be more hated man in Denver than Melo was leading up to the trade deadline, without even really doing anything that wrong besides sucking… Even if Tebow does lead them to a win this weekend over a pathetic Dolphins squad, is that even impressive? I’m sure we’ll hear plenty out of Denver regardless of the results…

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