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Doin Headline Ramblings

I don’t really have a direction for this post, but it’s been awhile since I wrote something, so I felt the need to put up a few random thoughts in no particular order.

Raiders sign TJ Houshmandzadeh – I’m just glad it wasn’t TO. TJ might not be what he was back in 2009, but at least it doesn’t seem like he’ll be a distraction the way TO has been with every team he plays on. I’m not sure if I should be worried about the signing as I see two possible scenarios. A) Raiders receivers haven’t gelled with Palmer or B) my hopeful reason for the signing. Outside of Ford and Heyward-Bey, they don’t really trust the third receiver on the team between Schillens, Moore, and Murphy. Can’t say I blame them, since all of them have missed significant time this year and years past. Plus, anything to make Palmer a little more comfortable with his new team is a plus, and a familiar face always helps. TJ had his best years with Carson, and that went both ways. If Carson has TJ to bail him out as the ultimate possession receiver on a couple third downs each game, this signing was 100% worth it regardless of TJ’s stats on the season. Plus we have plenty of speed, so he won’t be stealing any routes from our deep guys, and can be the guy that goes across the middle without getting alligator arms.

McCourt tells us what we knew would happen – The Dodgers fans can finally start representing their team in LA again. Get those car flags out again, Frank is selling the team! The Angels run was short lived as people will once again flock back to the team of LA. If they actually get a good owner this team isn’t nearly as bad as some view them. A few improvements around Kemp and Kershaw should put them over .500 at the very least. I guess it all depends on who ends up with the team and how deep their pockets are, but anyone will be an improvement over Frank, well unless Selig finds someway to puts someone with McCort’s qualifications in charge again. Hell, even the mayor of LA wanted the guy out of town. Good luck Dodgers fans on your new era, I remember the feeling of hope when Chris Cohan put the Warriors up for sale!

The NBA Lockout rolls on – Seems like we’re in the 4th quarter of negotiations, but it’s like the time of the game when the score is close and there’s six timeouts called to advance the ball to halfcourt with lots of fouls and free throw shots in between. I’m still holding out some hope they’ll be playing by Christmas, but that hope is waning a lot lately. It sounds like all the little things have been settled, but the major issue is still the BRI. I can’t tell you much about BRI except it’s the first three letters in my name, and it doesn’t seem like any reports are good about it whether you read it should be 52/48 or a 50/50 split. Much has been made of the recent riff between Fischer and Hunter, and if the reports are true and Fischer is trying to talk players into a 50/50 split, I’m actually on board. I hella care how much each side makes, so if he can convince the players to take a worse deal hooray for us all, because we’ll have basketball again. The more I read about Hunter, the more mad I get. Who cares if he has a job in the grand scheme of things when this is all said and done, he’s costing games this season by simply walking out on meetings when I could be watching the Lakers-Warriors game tonight!!

Lenny Dykstra agrees to fight Jose Canseco – So there’s a celebrity boxing event this Saturday featured on an internet stream with the featured fight consisting of Jose Canseco vs. Lenny Dykstra. Not on the weekend agenda for a $20 fee. Some of the other matchup on the card were interesting, which should make for some good youtube clips to check later. Amy Fishcer gets a chance to knock around the Octomom. Michelle Bombshell and all her tatoos should be able to pound Tila Tequila into oblivion. Coolio takes on Jeremy Jackson (a guy I’ve never heard of). Kato Kalen takes a shot at politician Tareq Salahi. All I can say about these match ups is they seem like they’ll be more entertaining than the heavyweight division has been over the last decade…

Tim Tebow sucks again – I can’t remember a time when a 2-5 team has had so much press, but Tebowmania is ruling the land, and the verdict seems to now be that he sucks after last weekend. I like Tebow as a guy. He seems like someone you’d want to hang out with, lives with a general code of conduct that few have, but the football player isn’t something I root for as a Raiders fan. I actually enjoy his on-field failures. I kind of hope he does well at the end of the year, so they keep him on-board longer, thus keeping the Broncos at the bottom of the AFC West. One big question I have for this weekends tilt against the Raiders is; if he jumps in the black hole, does he still come out a virgin? Tough call there, but I’ll go out on a limb and say no, and Carson will outplay him this weekend even though Tebow’s best game of his career was last season against the Raiders.

Replacing Campbell: What Would Al Do?

Now that I’ve accepted Kyle Boller as the Raiders’ starting QB in Week 7, it’s a bit easier for me to take a less hasty look at the search for a replacement for Jason Campbell. I, for one, am not sold on Kyle Boller as a long-term solution. Fortunately, the Raiders face a 2-3 Kansas City team that’s scoring just 15 points a game this season. After that, the Bye week. So, it looks like if we can just survive one “should-win” game at home with Boller, we can focus more of our attention on getting the best possible guy for the job, instead of just whoever we can get now. If I’m Al Davis, I go straight to the best guy available. Though Carson Palmer and available aren’t words that have been mentioned together all year, my gut says Al would MAKE him available. The main arguments against it are that Bengals ownership is stubbornly set on not rewarding a player’s demands, and the Raiders don’t have any attractive draft picks next year anyway. But they do still have their number one pick. Trading a first round pick is probably foolish, but the Raiders are winning now, and they’re built for the future as well. I don’t see anyone on the roster who’ll need to be replaced in the next three years. I’ve got to believe it’s worth it to get a bonafide starting NFL quarterback. Most owners wouldn’t pull the trigger merely on the prospect of the criticism they’d receive, but Al Davis never cared about that. He’d just say something like, “We wanted Carson Palmer so we GOT Carson Palmer,” and that’d be the end of it. And ultimately, if he was unable to succesfully pry Palmer from the Bengals, he’d at least leak the offer to the media so Cincinnati owner, Paul Brown, would have to face criticism from his fans for turning down a first round pick on stubborn principle.

Retired in California

If you somehow don’t feel bad for Bengals fans, maybe this mashup song will change your tune. Seems like instead of not having Carson play anywhere, they’d just trade him for a draft pick or two and move on, but that’s not the case with Mike Brown run front office. It’s funny that a team can terminate a contract at anytime, and have been all week, but players aren’t allowed to do the same. It’s one of the most hypocritical kinds of deals out there. Ever since Barry Sanders retired early because he was sick of being on crappy Lions teams, and they wouldn’t trade him saying he had to play for them or retire. We were all robbed of a couple more years with Barry at his prime. I’m not nearly as sad about losing out on seeing Palmer in action, but if it keeps happening with other players we might need to start an uproar against some of these owners.

Sunday’s Fantasy Stars

Shonn Greene, RB, New York Jets: 144 rush yds. 2 TD

Vernon Davis, TE, San Francisco: 7 rec, 93 yds, 3 TD

Owen Daniels, TE, Houston: 7 rec, 123 yds, TD

Carson Palmer, QB, Cincinnati: 20-24, 233 pass yds, 5 TD

Chad Ochocinco, WR, Cincinnati: 10 rec, 118 yds, 2 TD

Cedric Benson, RB, Cincinnati: 189 rush yds, TD

New York Jets Defense: 0 pts allowed, 3 sacks, 2 INT, 2 Fumble Recoveries

Wes Welker, WR, New England: 10 rec, 107 yds, TD

Sydney Rice, WR, Minnesota: 11 rec, 136 yds

Vincent Jackson, WR, San Diego: 5 rec, 142 yds, TD

Ryan Grant, RB, Green Bay: 148 rush yds, TD

Steve Slaton, RB, Houston: 60 rush yds, 4 rec, 22 yds, 2 TD

Miles Austin, WR, Dallas: 6 rec, 171 yds, 2 TD

Ricky Williams, RB, Miami: 80 rush yds, 3 TD