Free Phoenix Jones, A Different Kind of Justice

I’ve never heard of this guy, or any of his cohorts, but apparently there’s a Kickass-esque band of superheroes fighting crime in Seattle. None of these superheroes have criminal justice degrees or any formal training as officers. Naturally, the police are threatened by the prospect of anyone doing a better job than they do, so it’s no surprise that Phoenix Jones was arrested for assault for pepper-spraying some people. Fortunately for him, the incident was captured on video. Unfortunately for him, the police appear to stubborn to accept what is shown in the video. Jones contends he was breaking up a fight. The police say the people were dancing. Typical. The video is a little shaky, but it looks more like a fight than dancing. Considering one guy was on the ground and people scattered as soon as Jones arrived on the scene. Why would people run away if they were just dancing? At the very least, the video clearly shows that Jones wasn’t just pepper-spraying people for no reason. He was the one being assaulted. God only knows what would have happened in the 20+ minutes it took police to show up.

Phoenix Jones Stops Assault from Ryan McNamee on Vimeo.

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4 responses to “Free Phoenix Jones, A Different Kind of Justice

  • chappy81

    That guy is nuts. I could care less if some trashy people are fighting, but I guess that’s what movies do to people, make them care. It is BS that they arrested him, since he was trying to help. I guess when I was a kid I wanted to be the Terminator, I’m glad I grew out of that phase before I was ten… At least Phoenix has some size to him or this whole superhero thing wouldn’t work at all. Dude, really needs to invest in a motorcycle to get away in…

  • JW

    Just wait until he gets knifed…

  • Rostam

    Wow, it seems like everyone is angry or thinks that Jones guy is an idiot. Think about it. This guy is going out on his own time to help people. He’s not wasting time watching TV, going to bars, or yes surfing the internet. He genuinely wants to help people and i think we should commend that.

  • footballnutz17

    I don’t understand why the police arrested him if he was breaking up a fight…

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