Dubbing Up Your Tuesday

I was thinking of writing about Rory and his very impressive US Open win, but didn’t really watch much of it, so that went out the window. Is he the next Tiger or Arnie? I don’t really want to debate that since he has ONE major, compared to Tiger’s 14 or Arnie’s 7. Hell, why doesn’t anyone like to compare him to Gary Player? I feel like his 9 majors are the most overlooked of any of golf’s “superstars”. Lets wait until Rory wins each of the majors before we make comparisons to the all-time greats. It feels like comparing Lebron to MJ a couple weeks ago all over again. Anyways, I said awhile back I’d put up some reggae artists, but haven’t really come through on that. Since I called reggae the golf of sports awhile back, in that everyone plays/listens to it, but most don’t really know many artists/players. It seemed like a good time to revive the series as I start bumping more reggae with the weather heating up.

This Sizzla song is as close as you’ll see me listening to the Beanie Man or Sean Paul type of reggae. I’m more of a dub reggae fan, but once in awhile you break the mold. The one below is my favorite of his, and my second favorite song of his is, Give Me a Try.

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14 responses to “Dubbing Up Your Tuesday

  • tophatal

    Been getting into a lot of Adele at present a native from the UK . But most of all I’m still in shock over the death of Clarence Clemmons , Springsteen’s sax player from the E Street Brand !

    As for reggae like you I like the old school stuff and the dance hall. But I also yearn for the laid back style of UB 40 . The Campbell brothers who front the group are contemporaries of mine .

    So Selig stymied McCourt and the $3 billion Fox tv deal for the Dodgers ? Anyone who believed that would have been the saving grace for the Dodgers financially needs to have their head examined !

    • chappy81

      Yeah that was pretty big news when Clarence died. It sucks he was only 69, but I’m sure lived his life more than most do!

      It’s been awhile since I’ve put UB40 on the playlist. You just inspired it for my next car ride!

      Good for Selig, now if he could only make a ruling on the A’s situation. If he says no to SJ, maybe we’ll get a new owner!

      • tophatal

        Bud will only intervene when he believes that it’ll show him in a good light . I’d tell him to kiss my a#s but I get the impression that he might like that sort of thing a lil’ too much !

        Clemmons was a God as far as I’m concerned ! He was the Ying to Springsteen’s Yang .

      • tophatal

        Selig now has to deal with the mess that happens to be the Mets . Can you imagine what could happen should that verdict go against the organization as well Katz and Fred Wilpon ? Never mind the fact that an as#hole like David Einhorn pumped $200 million of his and his partners’ monies into the organization . He’d have been better off purchasing a stake in the Warriors or A’s and that’s a fact . The Mets aren’t going anywhere anytime soon !

        • chappy81

          It’s going to be funny if McCourt gets his day in court with the MLB. I HOPE that when they are investigating, the MLB is forced to open all of it’s teams books to see just who deserves the money they’ve been getting. I’m sure there’s a ton of corrupt stuff going on with every team like paying their kids a million a year for doing nothing….

  • tophatal


    If Jack Nicholson and a group of his Hollywood buddies were to buy the Dodgers what sort of changes would you like to see ? Dyan Cannon showing off her melons ? Rihanna lip syncing as Matt Kemp hits a foul ball into the stands ?

    • chappy81

      I’m not really a Dodgers fan, so I don’t care that much what happens. I just find it to be an interesting situation. A bunch of my friends are Dodgers fans, so I hope it all works out for them, but it doesn’t really feel like it will all that soon…

  • tophatal


    The teams of MLB being forced to open up their books and show clear transparency is like trying to force the Palestinians and Jews to break bed together . You know that they will be doing it against their will. At the same time which set of books do they bring to the table or the one where the figures are legit or the ones where they have had an accountant whose claim to fame was that he was once employed by Enron ?

    If McCourt gets his recourse in the Federal Court system then look for him to air all of the league’s dirty laundry . It’s not as if Selig and the owners around the league are not at fault as well . Many of them had to have known at one time or another what McCourt was up to and it’s the same with Mets and their dilemma .

    Talk about corruption within the game what ever happened concerning these agents and members of assistant coaching staffs of the Dodgers , Mets and Angels who’d been pocketing part of the signing bonuses of the kids that had been signed through their academies down in the Caribbean ? I thought that Selig had sought to conduct an investigation into that mess ? Funny that sh@t was simply brushed away like rotting garbage ?

    • chappy81

      Yeah, honestly I would love to see all the McCourt stuff end up in a huge lawsuit against the MLB. I’m almost positive it will too since McCourt doesn’t know when to quit and has no shame. It’s sad how many teams are doing things that are horrible for the sport and health of the league. You’d think they’d want to make their league better, but in the end a lot of the owners only care about their bottom line. I guess that’s the problem with letting guys buy teams without proper resources to spend on building a real team…

      • tophatal


        There’s not one owner in MLB who I’d trust with my money let alone anyone else’s ! None of them have any redeeming qualities . I place them alongside the pedophile priests of the Roman Catholic Church as to how much contempt and despise I have for them !

        Like I said we’ve heard nothing as to the investigations of the various MLB employees embroiled in that scandal involving the young players in the Caribbean . But Selig from 2005-09 has pocketed in excess of $60 million in salary and benefits in that time . Am I missing something here ?

      • tophatal


        At some point your prayers will be answered because I seriously doubt that McCourt will walk away from this all without a contentious and litigious fight ! That being said does he actually have any money to even pay his lawyers ?

        So Plaxico Burress is now a free man ? Any chance the Raiders go after him ?

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